Sticking perfectly to a diet is not the key to feeling confident in your own skin.

Truth is, dieting is what’s causing your craziness around food. The lack of trust, the obsession, the binging and starting over every, single week. It’s not your fault. It’s just what dieting does you to. But if you want to be the kind of woman who can eat whatever she wants without stress, guilt or shame (and still fit in her jeans come Monday morning) you’re going to have to heal your shitty relationship with food and your body.
You’re going to have to learn to be kinder to yourself and have a little more fun.

Really, you’re going to have to lighten up.

The first step? Ditch the diets and learn a new, fun, feminine way of doing things.


5 Steps to Stop Obsessing about Food and Your Body

(The secret weapon to stop binging and starting over every single week.)

Hey friend. We’re Bridget + Dana

Holistic Health Coaches and the Co-Founders of Wellness Lately. We’re devoted to helping you step off the diet hamster wheel and into a life that feels really good.

A life that doesn’t revolve around points or macros or punishing exercise.

We’ll show you how to end the struggle with food and your body so you can reclaim your sanity and confidence and move on with your life.
You can have the body and the life that you want but, dieting is not the answer. Let us show you another way you probably haven’t tried before. A way that actually works.
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