Wellness Lately is a no-bullshit conversation about wellness.

(for women who want to stop dieting, beating themselves up + feeling like shit)

Wellness is about figuring out how to do all of the things you need to do in life without losing yourself, eating like a trash cat and crying alone on your couch drinking wine in sweatpants.
And in order to “be well”? You’ve got to stop dieting.
Turns out, dieting is what’s making you crazy around food and causing you to obsess, overeat, gain weight and hate yourself.
So join the Lighten Up movement and stop dieting for good.


5 Steps to Stop Obsessing about Food and Your Body

(The secret weapon to stop binging and starting over every single week.)

Hi. We’re Bridget + Dana

Just a couple of friendly weirdos obsessed with all things wellness, personal growth and light-hearted, spiritual woo-woo-ery. We’re holistic health coaches and the founders of Wellness Lately. We’re really into helping women step off the diet hamster wheel and into a life that feels really good.
We host a podcast where we interview all of our cool friends in the wellness industry on everything from gut health, crystals and CrossFit to human design, nutrition, finances and figuring out your life. We also publish a blog and what not.
But our favorite thing to do is run our group coaching program that shows women how good it feels to flip dieting the bird, reconnect to their inner confidence and get dressed without wanting to cry every morning.
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Caroline Dooner

Episode 11: The F*ck It Diet with Caroline Dooner

 Why We Love Caroline: Caroline writes funny self-help for chronic dieters and is the author of the book The F*ck It Diet, which is coming out March 26th, 2019. Before she became a writer and irreverent mindfulness teacher, she spent years as a performer, trying really hard to fit into the tiny/beautiful category. She believed she was a food addict, and so she dieted like…
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Ayurveda: Do you know your Dosha? And how to use it to your advantage?

On a few podcasts of late, the topic of Ayurveda has come up, most recently with Leslie and Elizabeth, and it had me wanting to revisit this health system.  It’s that time of…
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Figuring Out Your Life

How to Rediscover the “Self” in Self-Care

Self-care, so hot right now. So hot. It's a term tossed around the wellness world often, leaving it subject to many different interpretations. Some suggest it looks like an acai bowl with a…
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New Winter Fave: Club Sweet Potato Carrot Soup Recipe

We are getting to that point of the year - because it is an annual occurrence - in which winter begins chipping away at my sanity. I start manically searching flights to Mexico.…
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