Simplify Give-Gifting with Books

Simplify Gift Giving with Books [featured image via Jones Design Company]

Raise your hand if you’re nowhere close to being ready for Thursday. Anyone else? Anyone?

My approach to the holidays is fairly laid back. I used to get pretty worked up about it, stressing over questions like, what am I going to cook?! We don’t have any gluten-free flour at home! And the perfect presents for everyone! Where can I get a hold of some antique wooden gift boxes?

I don’t know when exactly it happened, I think it was around the time my parents moved out of the country, but something in my frame of mind shifted. Christmas now means coming home when the family hasn’t seen each other in awhile. Gifts, eh. Food and wine, of course. But the focus has been on enjoying each other and not spending our savings on presents or slaving away in the kitchen.

Sometimes this attitude can bite you in the ass. Like when you wait to start your holiday shopping until you’re three days out, and get slapped with an $18 express delivery fee. Don’t tell Dana, but I’ll take a delivery fee over the mall on Christmas Eve any day.

Anyway, when I say I’m nowhere close to being ready for Thursday, it’s because I just started my shopping and am already an $18 express delivery fee deep. The good news is, I’m almost done. That’s right, just have to get home, wrap these puppies and it’s smooth sailing to the big day. My go-to for making the gifting experience as easy as possible? Books. Also, maybe give yourself a week before Christmas, not three days, to order them.

The reason I’m telling you now though, is because Barnes & Noble is a fantastic one-stop-shop for last minutes gifts. You can even order online and pick up in a store nearby for no cost if that’s easier. Books are thoughtful, useful, beautiful and yes, easy. You may have to do a little research or scour the shelves, but there’s always a perfect book for everyone. Here are a few favorites I’m doling out this year:

For your foodie friend: The Slanted Door

For Grandma: The Baking Bible

For the health nut: Thug Kitchen

For your fashionable friend: Style Stalking

For Mom: Sunday Suppers

For the business owner: Creative Confidence

For Dad: American Whiskey, Bourbon & Rye: A Guide to the Nation’s Favorite Spirit

For the adventurer: National Geographic The Covers: Iconic Photographs, Unforgettable Stories

For your brother: Into Thin Air

For the entrepreneur: Start Something That Matters

So there you have it, Procrastination Nation. No more excuses. Get your butt to B&N, and get your last-minute gift giving on.


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