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Have you hit your diet rock bottom yet? 

You know, that place where you just cannot fathom starting another diet you know deep down is only going to last for so long before you let your guard down, just for one minute, one bite, and then – POOF – you wind up eating everything in sight.

And the entire time you’re thinking…

“Screw it. I already failed. Might as well eat it ALL now because I’m starting over again tomorrow.” 

You’re at the place where you know that every attempt at restrictive diets will backfire, further erode your confidence and cause you to gain more weight over time. 

You also: 

  • Can’t relax around food
  • Berate yourself as you’re lying in bed at night over all the ways you failed that day 
  • Feel like hell getting dressed every day because nothing fits or feels good to wear
  • Sometimes avoid seeing people because you’re so ashamed of how you look
  • Don’t want to socialize because it might interfere with being ‘good’ on your diet 
  • Punish yourself with exercise but never actually feel like working out 
  • Feel like your uncontrollable appetite is sabotaging your entire life 
  • Wish you could STOP obsessing and wasting so much time, energy and mind space every single day worrying about food and your body because it’s exhausting

You are waiting on the weight for your life to start and you’re sick of it. 

Feeling like a basket case around food is not fun. And it doesn’t make for a very enjoyable, confident life. We would know. Everyone here on Team Wellness Lately has been there. 

Our collective failed attempts at Whole30 can be counted on more hands than we have. The amount of shameful binges we’ve been through outnumber our combined age. And we used to think carbs, sugar and our own bodies were the enemy. 

We’ve counted points and almonds and steps. We’ve calculated macros and grams of fiber. And we’ve weighed our food, and ourselves, allowing the scale to dictate our mood on more mornings than we’d like to admit. 

We’ve also cried in towels in front of our closets and on the phone with our friends.

That was our reality, until we learned what was causing the craziness around food and keeping us trapped in that painful diet-binge cycle. intuitive eating quiz

Once we understood that there was nothing wrong with us, that there were simply specific things we were thinking and doing that were causing all of our pain and suffering, we were able to heal, because we could simply stop thinking and doing those things. 

It took unlearning everything we’d been taught about dieting, food and our bodies. And relearning an entirely new way of relating to both. 

But once we stopped thinking and behaving like dieters, we were able to fix our underlying relationship with food and start eating like normal human beings again. 

When we were able to do that, and tap back into our bodies’ own wisdom, the binge eating stopped, almost overnight, without any white knuckling or willpower at all.  

“Trigger” foods we couldn’t keep in the house before, were completely stripped of their power over us. 

We could eat what we wanted, stop when we were full and be one of those unicorn women who could leave a bite of cake on their plate because they are satisfied for once in their lives.

Our weight stabilized at a comfortable range, a place that’s healthy and appropriate for each of our individual bodies.

And there’s no more struggling, no more yo-yo-ing, and no weight cycling or food obsession. 

It is magical. 


And it has freed up an incredible amount of time, energy and mind space to think about other, more important things.

Life is so much easier, satisfying and enjoyable.

intuitive eating quizIt is an incredible relief to finally end the life-long battle with food and your body that is costing you so much. 

And we want that for you too. 

We want to give you the gift of true food freedom in your own life. Because you CAN have it. No matter how messed up you think you are right now. 

Your life does NOT have to include this obsession with food and your body.

You can be free. Confident. Happy. And relaxed in the presence of brownies. 

You can focus on more meaningful life goals and feel at peace with food and your body while you pursue them.

If that is something you might be interested in, and you want to learn more about how we are living this way and helping other women live this way too, sign up to watch our FREE master class here: 5 Simple Shifts to End Binge Eating. It will walk you through the first, core principles that will help you get there.

When you sign up, you’ll also start receiving free tips and coaching from us in your inbox each week to help you put this all into practice. 

You can make peace with food and your body once and for all. 

You just have to decide that enough is enough. If dieting and punishing yourself were going to work, it would have worked by now. 

Learn a new way. Start today. 

Click here to watch our free master class: 5 Simple Shifts to End Binge Eating

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The Formal Bio:

Our mission here at Wellness Lately is to reclaim wellness from diet culture. Our work is rooted in body liberation and food freedom, helping women all over the world escape the painful, diet-binge cycle and embrace true well-being. 

Through our coaching programs, writing, events and community we teach the principles of Intuitive Eating, Health at Every Size, Body Neutrality and Holistic Wellness. We also interview experts and thought leaders across the industry on our weekly podcast Wellness Lately, where we explore the incredible work being done to make wellness more accessible and empowering for everyone. 

Meet Our Team:

Dana Barron

Co-Founder, Podcast Host and a Head Coach here at Wellness Lately

After years spent counting points and almonds, punishing herself on treadmills and living in constant fear of non-organic vegetables, Dana found her way to peace with food and her body through the principles of Intuitive Eating, Health at Every Size and body liberation. A Certified Health & Intuitive Eating Coach, trained under Evelyn Tribole, MS, RDN, CERD-S, her passion is helping women escape the painful diet-binge cycle so they can live more confident, joyful lives. 

She lives in exotic suburban New Jersey with her husband, Joel, two children, Foster and Bode, and an old Shiba Inu named Jackson.

Bridget Shannon

Co-Founder, Podcast Host and a Head Coach here at Wellness Lately 

After becoming a Certified Health Coach, spending 10 years working in the health industry and healing her own history with disordered eating and body image challenges, Bridget is passionate about helping women ditch dieting and embrace a version of wellness that actually feels good, through Intuitive Eating, Health at Every Size and body liberation. 

She lives on the Seacoast of New Hampshire with Robbie, their two rambunctious pups Lucy and Rapha, and far too many plants that are hanging on for dear life.

Kimberly Dempsey

Marketing Director and an Assistant Coach here at Wellness Lately 

A former and self-proclaimed “lifelong dieter,” Kimberly is a real life example that there is hope for everyone to ditch the diets, finally be at peace in their bodies, and able to trust themselves around food. A Mother of three young kids, ages 6, 4 and 2, Kimberly completed Wellness Lately’s Intuitive Eating Group Coaching program and was so inspired that she decided to join the team.

As the Director of Marketing, it is Kimberly’s mission to ensure other women like her, still silently suffering in life sentences of diet culture are able to escape the painful diet-binge cycle, achieve body liberation, and freedom around food