Hi. Wanna heal your relationship with food + your body? Rebuild your confidence? And get your life back?

We know you’re sick and tired of obsessing about what you eat, worrying about how you look and measuring your self-worth on the scale each morning. 
And we’re here to show you how stop doing all of that and finally feel good in your own skin.

Because we get it. We’ve been there.

Right now, you probably… 

  • Can’t just relax and enjoy your food. 
  • Berate yourself if you’ve been ‘bad’.
  • Feel like shit because nothing in your closet fits.
  • Dread events ‘cause you’ll blow your diet or you don’t want anyone to see you.
  • Punish yourself with exercise. 
  • Never feel like you have enough energy. 
  • Think your hunger is the problem. 

And we also know you’ve probably been logging calories in MyFitnessPal, trying to calculate macros, peeing on Keto strips or attempting to intermittent fast – all for nothing. 

You’ll be good for a while and then you’ll blow it. You can never stick to anything. You feel like there must be something wrong with you. 

With your very happiness in life depending on losing weight, why can’t you just get your shit together? 

This is where we come in. 

We’re here to tell you that there is nothing wrong with you. 

You’ve just been fed a steaming bowl full of bullshit all your life, as most of us have. 

Dieting will never be the solution. 

Because it’s the problem. 

It disconnects you from your body, makes you crazy around food and forces the rest of your life into a holding pattern. You start waiting on the weight and in the meantime you neglect everything meaningful and fun in life.

We’re here to show you a new approach. An anti-diet process that doesn’t bury you in guilt and shame but, rebuilds your confidence and reignites your life force. 

Through our personalized coaching program, we’ll teach you the exact tools and strategies you need to escape the painful diet-binge cycle, make peace with food, and be the kind of woman who can see the brownie and take it or leave it.

Who We Are:

We’re Bridget Shannon and Dana Barron. 

Holistic health coaches specializing in Intuitive Eating and body image, friends, writers, podcasters, and insatiably curious weirdos who could talk about this stuff all day. 

Our mission is to reclaim the word ‘wellness’ from diet culture and show women everywhere that in order to really ‘be well’ you’ve got to stop dieting, trust your body and start living. 

We’ve been in the wellness industry for a long time. We’ve seen a lot of bullshit. And we firmly believe that for most of us adult, female humans, wellness has very little to do with açaí bowls, lycra or having your photographer boyfriend casually snap a pic of you in tree pose on a cliff somewhere. 

It doesn’t have much to do with trying to keep up with Gwyneth or listening to Dr. Oz or making gluten-free, organic, non-gmo, spinach pasta from scratch every night. 

Real wellness isn’t airbrushed and you shouldn’t have to pee on a keto strip to see if you’re doing it right. 

For most of us muggles, wellness is about not feeling like shit – mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually – as we attempt to go about the business of living.

As we try to manage having a career. Taking care of the tiny (or regular-sized) humans around us. Having friends. Paying bills. Figuring out how our new town recycles. Getting our cars inspected. Paying taxes. Learning how to use makeup like an adult. Sending thank you notes. Handling complex emotions. And taking our vitamins. 

We have a ton of shit to do. 

And wellness is about figuring out how to do all of that shit without losing ourselves, eating like trash cats or crying alone on our couch in sweatpants drinking wine. 

It’s about attempting to love ourselves – and our bodies – in a diet culture that’s constantly telling us we don’t deserve to. 

One that’s saying “Here’s a night cream, that costs $107 a month, that will fix all of your problems, which, by the way, stem from your utter inability to stop aging and maintain an unrealistic, manufactured level of physical perfection that doesn’t include wrinkles or cellulite.” 

That’s what we’re about around here. 

And it’s why you’ll never see a before and after of us in our undies. Or a pic of us doing yoga in our thongs on a beach. Although in this photo, there are definitely rocks up our asses. 

(And for the record: We’d consider doing yoga in thongs for the right price brand partnership that felt authentically aligned.)

Contact Us

Professional Bio:

Bridget Shannon and Dana Barron are holistic health coaches and the founders of Wellness Lately, a global brand dedicated to help women stop dieting, beating themselves up and feeling like shit. Through a blog, podcast, live events, and personalized coaching programs, they deliver useful, actionable, no-bullshit information to help women feel confident in their own skin and live a life they’re psyched about.

Unprofessional Bios:

Dana Barron
  • Mildly anxious Capricorn / Generator 
  • Lives in exotic, suburban New Jersey 
  • Mom to Foster and a bun in the oven, wife to Joel, neglectful, evil step-mom to Jacko the Shiba Inu 
  • Loves: The Office, cookies, Man Repeller and post apocalyptic fiction
  • Hates: when people honk at her, Weight Watchers and when stickers don’t peel off easily from things she’s purchased 
Bridget Shannon
  • Ironically introverted Saggitarius / Manifestor
  • Prone to moving, currently docked on the Seacoast of New Hampshire
  • Mom to Lucy the mischievous beagle and a variety of plants hanging on for dear life
  • Loves: Hot sauce, Jeopardy, Stevie Wonder, and skipping out on just about anything for beach walks
  • Hates: Microsoft Excel, anything numbers-related really