Wellness Lately is a no-bullshit conversation about wellness for women who want to stop dieting, beating themselves up and feeling like shit.

Who We Are:

We’re Bridget Shannon and Dana Barron.

Holistic Health Coaches, friends, writers, podcasters and insatiably curious weirdos who could talk about this stuff all day.

What We Do:

1. Host a Podcast you should listen to.


2. Publish a Blog you’ll want to read.


3. Run a Group Coaching Program

(That you should definitely join if you’re not feeling so hot in your own skin)


All with the intent of bringing real women useful, tangible, no-bullshit information to help them feel healthy and confident in their own skin, and to live a life that feels empowered, energized and enthusiastic.

What We Believe:

We’ve been in the wellness industry a long time and we’ve seen a lot of bullshit and we firmly believe that for most adult, female humans, wellness has very little to do with açaí bowls, lycra or having your photographer boyfriend casually snap a photo of you in tree pose on a cliff somewhere.

Wellness doesn’t have much to do with trying to keep up with Gwyneth, listening to Dr. Oz., making organic, gluten-free, spinach pasta from scratch every night or looking like the airbrushed celebrities on magazine covers.

For most of us, wellness is much more about not feeling like crap – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually – as we attempt to go about the business of living.

As we try to manage having a career, taking care of ourselves, taking care of the people around us, having friends, paying bills, figuring out how our new town recycles, getting our cars inspected, deciding whether or not to try contouring, being good citizens of humanity, remembering to send thank you notes and take our vitamins, etc.

We all have a ton of shit to do.

And wellness is about figuring out how to do all of that shit while not losing ourselves, eating like trash cats or crying alone on the couch in sweatpants.

Wellness is about attempting to love ourselves – and our bodies – in a world that’s constantly telling us we don’t deserve to.

A world that’s constantly saying: “Here’s a night cream – that costs $107 a month – that will fix all of your problems, which, btw, stem from your utter inability to stop aging and maintain an unrealistic, manufactured level of physical perfection.”

Wellness is our attempt to intentionally life live in a way that gives us energy, that makes us happy and fulfilled and sane, and that keeps healthy – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

So yeah, some of that stuff is Instagram worthy but, most of it is not.

That’s what we’re about around here.

And why you’ll never see us doing yoga in our thongs on the beach. Although, in this photo, there are definitely some rocks up our asses.

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More about the founders:

Dana Barron
  • Mildly anxious Capricorn
  • Hails from New Jersey
  • Mom to Foster, Wife to Joel, Dog-mom to Jacko
  • Recovering from a 10-month stint with a tiny human inside of her
  • Loves: Broccoli, Man Repeller, Interior Design, Game of Thrones and Post Apocalyptic Fiction
  • Hates: That ‘After the Thrones’ was canceled
Responsibilities at Wellness Lately
  • Manically creating to-do lists to track our tasks
  • Regularly emailing Bridget random streams of consciousness
  • Coming up with brilliant ideas in inconvenient places and promptly forgetting them
  • Emailing our readers to alert them of new posts, products and personal rants
  • Staring blankly at the computer screen trying to write and then surfing the ‘Net instead
  • Attempting to pull off faux fur and to look like I know what I’m doing in life in general
Bridget Shannon
  • Sagittarius, and also newly sort of into astrology
  • Prone to moving, currently docked in New Hampshire
  • Mom to Lucy the mischievous beagle, and a variety of plants that are hanging on for dear life
  • Recovering from a year-long stint with Lyme Disease
  • Loves: Traveling, hot sauce, Stevie Wonder, Jeopardy, beach walks
  • Hates: Microsoft Excel
Responsibilities at Wellness Lately
  • Attempting but ultimately failing at utilizing Dana’s organized to-do lists
  • Getting really excited to write something only to painfully procrastinate until the hour it’s due
  • Sporadically posting stuff on our Instagram and trying to keep up with hashtags the kids are using these days
  • Testing weird things in the name of research that make her friends question her sanity like oil pulling, energetic crystals and turmeric toothpaste
  • Using recipe blog posts as an excuse to consume tacos as often as possible
  • Finding the trendiest baby clothes for Foster (have you ever even seen baby chambray?)