Episode 21: Another Lighten Up Transformation with Recent Graduate Tracy

Today we’re chatting with Lighten Up alumna, Tracy!

Meet Tracy, another wonderful Lighten Up alumna who has graciously volunteered to chat with us about her experience in our program. Tracy has seen some dramatics shifts in her life thanks to implementing what she has learned in Lighten Up. If you’ve been considering joining us and want to learn more, give it a listen to hear directly from an alumna about her experience.

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On the Pod, We Discuss:

  • How Tracy was feeling in her body and life before Lighten Up
  • Her initial hesitations and why she ultimately decided to join the program
  • What her experience was like and which components she enjoyed the most
  • The massive transformation she has gone through and the big benefits she has seen in her life
  • How she’s feeling today and what’s she excited about for the future

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