Are Jade Rollers Worth It?

jade roller

Alright, we’ve diving into jade rollers today. I finally caved and bought one. They really are beautiful aren’t they? But aside from being aesthetically pleasing, are they worth it? Do they actually work?

Let’s see.

What’s a jade roller?  

A jade roller is a beauty tool made from the green gemstone, jade, that looks like a tiny, double-ended paint roller.

What are people saying?

As with many other beauty gadgets and wellness trends, you’ve probably seen them on Instagram. People are obsessed with them lately.

Everyone seems to claim that ancient Chinese princesses were big fans of the tool, which apparently surfaced over there sometime around the 7th century. (And apparently the ancient Chinese were the authority on beauty gadgets?) They also claim that jade has healing emotional properties in and of itself. And that rolling it on your face, in an upward and outward direction, is a great way to enhance your complexion.

Enthusiasts believe that jade rollers:

Support lymphatic drainage

Lymphatic fluid is the waste flowing out of your lymph nodes, which needs to be carried away from the tissue and back to the heart. It’s believed that jade rolling can improve this process, draining this extra fluid away from your eyes, cheeks and neck, effectively depuffing them.

Increase circulation

Many believe that the massaging stimulation of jade rollers works to improve circulation. And strong circulation is important for healthy, glowing skin tissue.

Relieve tension

Similar to acupressure, applying pressure to certain areas of the face that regularly hold tension can alleviate it. It’s believed that in doing so, jade rollers will reduce the overall appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Improve absorptions of products

They say you’ll waste less of that expensive serum if you use your jade roller to work it into your skin, speeding up absorption and enhancing the effectiveness of said expensive serum.

Is any of this true?

Like many other things in this vast wellness world, there is little scientific evidence to support the fact that jade rollers specifically, do any of the above, especially the whole emotional healing business.

Let me just reiterate though: the fact that something has yet to be proven, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s been disproven. It just means that we don’t know. So just as in the case of activated charcoal, be wary of those who claim these benefits as fact.

In my humble opinion, it seems that jade rolling is essentially a form of massage. And as there have been some studies that support the theorized benefits of massage, perhaps those benefits apply here as well.

And now for an extremely small sample of anecdotal evidence a.k.a. me using one for a week, here’s what we found:

I started using my jade roller as part of my morning and evening beauty routine. I wash my face, apply my moisturizer and then jade roll up and out until it feels fully absorbed.

I have to say, I kind of love it.

The stone itself is cooling and soothing and my face feels tingly and refreshed afterwards. I can’t say I’ve seen an improvement in wrinkles or anything and I’ve never really had puffiness to deal with, but I thoroughly enjoy the process itself as an addition to my routine. For me, there really is something soothing about it.

My hot take in an organic nutshell:

Jade rollers are pretty and I like pretty things. They also feel nice on your skin and basically massage your face. So as far as massage has any proven benefits, sure, maybe jade rollers do too. Oh and they can be rather inexpensive so, there’s little to no risk involved in trying them.

But perhaps we should all calm down just a touch. They’re not going to roll away our wrinkles or turn us into Giselle overnight.

Have you tried it? Tell me about your experience in the comments!

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