My Daily Harvest Smoothie Review

Daily Harvest Smoothie Review

Finally got around to writing this Daily Harvest smoothie review for you today. Been sitting on it for a few weeks now. Isn’t procrastination fun!

I’d been seeing Daily Harvest Insta ads for a while before I finally started paying attention to them. And once I did, I had some questions. Could they really be that easy to make? They must cost a fortune, right? Are they really as delicious as they claim to be? Is frozen produce as healthy as fresh produce? Would they even deliver to me here in the suburbs?

Now that I’ve given them a go, I’ve got some answers. So let’s dive in.

What is Daily Harvest?

Daily Harvest is a company that delivers organic, farm-to-freezer superfoods directly to your door, frozen and ready to enjoy on your schedule. They have smoothies, harvest bowls, soups, lattes, overnight oats and chia parfaits. The idea is that frozen foods solve a lot of problems.

They claim that:

  • Nutrient retention is higher in frozen foods than in fresh food after just three days.
  • Frozen foods like theirs are picked at their peak ripeness vs. most commercial produce, which is picked before its prime.
  • Their frozen produce is better than store-bought produce since it’s frozen on the farm immediately after picking vs. regular produce, which can spend weeks in a warehouse before shipping.
  • Frozen foods stay fresh in the freezer, while food in the fridge dies a long, slow death by nutrient depletion.

They also believe that:

  • Freezing makes it easier to eat in season all year round, as it retains its freshness from summer or harvest time until the depths of winter.
  • Shipping their frozen produce makes it accessible to folks in places where, say, Reishi mushrooms are hard to come by.
  • They’re helping to fight food waste, as up to 50% of produce in the U.S. is trashed because of its appearance, whereas they freeze it before it gets all wilty and unattractive to us.

They make some great points here. And I can’t say I disagree with any of them.

What I tried.

I wanted to get back into smoothies, so that’s where I gave it a go. I ordered a box of nine and scooped up the try three free promotion. Quite affordable in this situation, if I do say so myself. Especially when considering how much some of these superfood ingredients will set you back at Whole Foods or on the ‘Zon individually.

I went with a pack of nine and chose their best sellers vs. trying to pick my own.

What I thought.


The smoothie I started with was the most delicious smoothie I’ve ever had in my life. I’m not joking. It was the Mint + Cacao smoothie and holy shit, my friend, it was amazing. Felt almost too good to be true. I annoyed the hell out of Joel about it over the next few days and spent an exorbitant amount of money and time trying to make it again myself. I even found myself annoyed with Bridget’s slow response time to the text: “Can you eat any old peppermint essential oil or do I need a specific kind?” whilst standing in the supplement aisle at Whole Foods.

I wish I hadn’t tried that one first though, because from then on each flavor was just a poor woman’s Mint + Cacao. I loved all but two of them though. Daily Harvest definitely has their shit together when it comes to perfecting the actual taste of combining superfoods. Which is not always easy.


I was skeptical of them being as easy as they seemed in those Insta commercials but damnit if they weren’t. You just pop off the lid. Add your liquid of choice (I used Califia Farms unsweetened almond milk). Dump it in a blender and blend.

I’m at home and I didn’t have any straws so I just dumped them into a tumbler once they were blended. But, had I been commuting, I’d have poured them right back into their container, popped a straw in and bounced. Seriously, if you’re commuting and having trouble getting a healthy breakfast in, these might be the answer to your organic, superfood prayers.


Okay, cost is going to be relative for everyone.

Approximately $7 a cup might be astonishingly expensive for some. However, if, like me, you used to live in New York City and spent about $9 a morning on breakfast and $16 a day on lunch, it would actually be a steal. Considering it’s all organic and can be made in 5 minutes at home.

The cheapest option for the smoothies was $6.99 a cup if you signed up for the 24 cups a month. You could also choose from their weekly plans at 6, 9, 12 and 24 cups per week. The more you order, the less per cup you pay.

I mean, it’s expensive. But if you’re buying food in San Fran or London or New York every day anyway, it’s not.

I’m a believer in buying the healthiest food we can afford for ourselves, whatever that means for each of us individually. But some might see that cost and think ‘oh fuck off’ and I’d totally get that too.


These smoothies (and all of their other foods too) are definitely made of some healthy stuff. The one thing that had me questioning some of the smoothies though, was the lack of what seemed like adequate fat or protein to prevent a potential blood sugar spike.

Take for instance the Apple + Greens smoothie. It’s really just fruit and greens and some turmeric. A smoothie like that, without any protein or fat, would definitely put me personally on a blood sugar roller coaster. That might not be the case for all. And yes, adding an almond or coconut milk should help a bit. But still, I need some solid fat like avocado in there to make sure I’m not setting myself up for a crash a few hours later.

It’s like, all of the ingredients are definitely healthy superfoods but, some of the combos, in my humble opinion, were lacking a blood sugar stabilizer. The Mint + Cacao smoothie, in all of its glory, did include some cashew butter.


I really liked Daily Harvest. Were I to do it again, I’d like to give their lattes a try or just order and entire 24 pack of the Mint + Cacao smoothie.

I think it’s an awesome wellness tool for busy people on the go and those of us having a hard time getting a healthy breakfast (or any meal in particular) in on the reg. And I was thinking it might be cool do go all in and do a week-long cleanse of just their foods too.

The smoothies, at least, were delicious, convenient and packed with nutrition. I’m assuming most of their other products are delightful as well.

For my current lifestyle – a work-from-home mom – I don’t really have a need for them regularly. I’ve sort of got my nutrition down pat for now. And since I’m in the ‘burbs with a husband and kid at this point, I actually go grocery shopping, stock my pantry, and cook regularly. But, I honestly might just order myself a box of them now and again because they’re so tasty. And if I were still living in a big city, commuting to work every day and eating out more than I was home cooking, I would definitely be stocking my freezer with this stuff.

So. Good. 


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What about you? Have you tried any of Daily Harvest’s farm-to-freezer foods? Let us know what you think in the comments below! 

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