The Dieting Backlash Weight Watchers Doesn’t Talk About

Dieting Backlash

The holidays are upon us here in the States. And that means alongside strategically ducking out of political conversations with your relatives, you’ll also be hearing a lot about dieting.

Usually, as we shovel apple pie into our apple pie holes someone will start talking about their very noble intentions of starting their new diet after the holidays. You know, because so and so lost 12 pounds and looks amazing on it.

We are a society obsessed with the quest to lose weight, either for vanity or for health. Because, yes, it’s true, statistically speaking, we are quite a pudgy lot.

But have we ever stopped to wonder if dieting is really the answer to our bulging waistlines and heartbreakingly terrible body image? Have we ever considered that if it was going to work, it would have worked by now?

Cumulatively no, we have not.

The diet industry still rages into the the billions in profits each year, regardless of the fact that it helps almost no one.

So this year, as our aunts and uncles start dishing on their own new year, new you approach, perhaps we can drop a truthbomb to consider: the reality of dieting backlash.

Whether you’ve been dieting since 8th grade (like we had) or are new to this mess, one thing is certain: you’ve felt some form of dieting backlash already.

You see there is a very real and common, negative and cumulative side effect of dieting that we never hear about in Weight Watchers commercials. It may come in the form of one or many of the following irksome symptoms:

  • Feeling diet weary and sad.
  • Eating less but not losing weight.
  • Having uncontrollable cravings and urges for the exact foods you’re supposed to avoid.
  • Feeling like you can’t trust yourself around food.
  • Feeling that because you’re ‘fat’ you don’t really deserve to eat.
  • The time you’re able to stick to a diet becomes shorter and shorter.
  • Beginning to experience the last supper phenomenon more and more frequently.
  • Withdrawing socially to avoid food triggers.
  • Leaning more and more on caffeine to make it through the day.
  • Feeling. Hungry. All. Of. The. Time.

These are the physical and psychological symptoms that inevitably accompany the dieting paradigm. But yet we still believe that somehow it will work. That the fault lies in our own weakness and inability to control ourselves and not in the system itself.

Besides, if dieting’s not the answer, what the feck is? Because we still want to lose weight.

Well no, friend, dieting is not the answer. Dieting is actually the problem.

Think about it: did you ever experience those batshit, sabotaging thoughts and symptoms before trying to diet?

When you were a kid who didn’t give a shit and were just out running around playing, did you ever even think about food? Your mom probably had to call you in and make you eat, otherwise you’d totally forget and just keep running around not eating.

Here’s what we have to show for our collective attempts at dieting

  • The obesity rate is higher than ever
  • Eating disorders are on the rise
  • Childhood obesity had doubled
  • We’ve liposuctioned 1200 tons of fat

And hear this: dieting has been proven to increase your chances of gaining more weight than you lost.

(Stats from Intuitive Eating and Why Diets Make Us Fat. But like, I doubt you even feel the need to check them, it’s all pretty obvious.)

So what is the solution?

A paradigm shift.

Look we get it. We’ve been there. We were stuck too. Until we decided to stop. To exit the merry-go-round and leave dieting behind forever.

Here’s what will likely happen if and when you do the same:

You’ll start to:

  • Focus on satisfaction in eating, and it will become joyful and relaxing again (and you stop binging).
  • Exercise for the pure sake of feeling good and you’ll wind up doing it more because you’ll be drawn to it.
  • Reject the dieting craze and keep nutrition in mind when making food decisions without judgement or obsession.
  • Tap into your own intuition and get to know yourself again.
  • Become the number one wellness expert in the world – on you.
  • Love and respect your body regardless of how you feel about how you look.

You’ll just eat and live and enjoy your life again without obsessing about food and your body all the time.

You’ll feel confident and free.

It’s truly amazing. And such an epic relief.

This is what we teach in our group program, Lighten Up by Wellness Lately.

We feel so strongly about it because we’ve both been through it. And trust us, when you get to the other side you’ll wanna tell every woman you know about it too. You might even start a blog for all of your feelings.

If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, leave a “YES, PLEASE” in the comments below and we’ll get you all of the details. Or you wanna just get straight down to business, your soul’s been pinged, you can apply to find out more right here.

You can be confident and free too, friend. You just have to make the decision to leave dieting behind you for good.


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