Episode 103: How the Trauma of Diet Culture Impacts our Mental Health with Dr. Marina Harris

diet culture

Why We Love Dr. Harris:

Dr. Marina Harris is a specialist in eating disorders, sport psychology, trauma-informed care, and mindfulness. She currently works as a fellow at the University of North Carolina Center of Excellence for Eating Disorders (CEED) and the Carolina Athletics Mental Health and Performance Program. 

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On the Pod, We Discuss:

  • Her unique entry point into sports psychology and eating disorder mental health work through an early career in competitive gymnastics
  • Why performative competitive sports easily lend themselves to disordered eating and eating disorders 
  • Trauma, big T, little T, PTSD, what it is and how it impacts our mental health 
  • The way trauma can shift our worldview and other ways it impedes our lives 
  • Ways to recognize if we are dealing with trauma in our own lives and steps to find care if we have access to it
  • Why living in diet culture is a form of trauma and seeing it as such is helpful to heal
  • Why generational trauma is so common when it comes to diet culture and disordered eating and how we can prevent it
  • The decreasing stigma around mental health care and how to get more people access to good care 
  • The mental health care she provides around bariatric surgery, why health is independent from weight, (she doesn’t recommend bariatric surgery for improving health), and the nuance around this polarizing topic in the HAES and IE community
  • And much more 

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