Episode 105: Feeding Your Family with Confidence & Raising Intuitive Eaters with Nicole Cruz, MS, RDN

nicole cruz

Why We Love Nicole:

Nicole Cruz, MS, RDN is a registered dietitian nutritionist, mom of three, wife, and eating disorder specialist. She has a private practice located in Southern California, devoted to helping others reclaim their joy and find food freedom. She works with clients from all walks of life to transform their relationship with food by practicing from an intuitive eating perspective and non-diet approach.

As a mom herself, Nicole’s passion is to support parents in fostering a healthy relationship with food for their children. She has a private Facebook group, Joyful Eating for Your Family, and she offers virtual nutrition coaching and programs to parents. Nicole is dedicated to transforming the way we view nutrition in order to live more full and balanced lives, at peace with food.

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On the Pod, We Discuss:

  • How Nicole got into this work and the issues related to food she started to see among children and families
  • The foundation for fostering a healthy relationship with food as a parent or caregiver, and how to get started feeding your family with an intuitive eating approach
  • How to handle potentially harmful input and opinions from other people when it comes to feeding your own kids
  • Tips for working with picky eaters and avoiding becoming the short order cook
  • Approaching snacks vs. meals in terms of quantity and variety
  • Navigating sugar consumption for kids
  • How to advocate for your kids if they’re getting misinformation about food in school or somewhere outside the house
  • What to do about conversations or concerns regarding a child’s weight, especially at the doctor’s office
  • Separating a real health problem from weight gain that has been pathologized 
  • What to do if multiple parents or caregivers are involved in feeding and are not in agreement about food
  • And so much more

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