Episode 109: How to Raise Body Happy Kids with Molly Forbes

molly forbes

Why We Love Molly:

Molly Forbes is a writer, presenter, campaigner and a mum to two daughters. As well as co-presenting the podcast Body Cons, Molly regularly appears at events and in the media talking about body image, children and mental health. She has spoken on ITV’s This Morning, BBC Breakfast, Sky Sunrise, Sky News, Radio 1 Newsbeat and various regional stations. In 2019 Molly appeared as one of the hosts on Channel 4’s Naked Beach and later founded the #FreeFromDiets movement, calling for tighter restrictions in the way weight loss products and slimming services are advertised around children. She also runs workshops for teachers and youth leaders on the subject of body image and is currently setting up the The Body Happy Organisation CIC, a social enterprise dedicated to the creation of resources to help parents, teachers and carers to promote positive body image for children. Molly lives in Devon with her children and husband. 

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On the Pod, We Discuss:

  • The specific moment that served as a wake-up call for Molly to explore her relationship with food and her body
  • Why it’s crucial to examine our unconscious beliefs about what the “right” body is
  • Molly’s body image journey and how she arrived at her advocacy work
  • The impact of diet culture’s messages on children’s body image, health and wellbeing
  • Practical ways to support your child’s body image and tools to incorporate into daily life
  • The importance of having conversations with kids about health and separating it from weight
  • How gender roles intersect with body image and how they show up in the media, marketing, toys, etc.
  • The nuance of social media use and how to approach it as parents
  • Navigating difficult conversations with people in your child’s life who might disagree with your views on food and body image
  • And much more

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