Episode 11: The F*ck It Diet with Caroline Dooner

Caroline Dooner

Why We Love Caroline:

Caroline writes funny self-help for chronic dieters and is the author of the book The F*ck It Diet, which is coming out March 26th, 2019.

Before she became a writer and irreverent mindfulness teacher, she spent years as a performer, trying really hard to fit into the tiny/beautiful category. She believed she was a food addict, and so she dieted like it was her job (because it kind of was), and hoped it would help her meet her destiny, but all it did was actually crush her soul and hurt her body.

Now she runs a business called The F*ck It Diet and writes about our relationship to food and weight. She runs online workshops and courses and shares cutting-edge science on weight and health and metabolism. She believes wholeheartedly that anyone can heal from food obsession.

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On the Pod, We Discuss:

  • Caroline’s dieting birthday epiphany and how it lead her down the road of healing from chronic dieting for life
  • The false promise of diets and how we’re often seeking spiritual fulfillment and safety and security from dieting, which can never provide us with those things
  • Why dieting is a linear, rational non-solution to a non-linear, irrational problem for women
  • Why dieting itself is the cause of irrational food thoughts and behavior and therefor can never be the solution to them
  • The Minnesota Semi-Starvation Experiment by the infamous Ancel Keys and what it taught us about the shocking psychological effects of food restriction – and how every single woman who diets can probably see herself in the reported impact
  • Why dieting has potentially caused the obesity epidemic in our culture instead of being the cure for it
  • Why cultural assumptions about weight and health are actually causing so much harm
  • The Healthy at Every Size movement and why losing weight doesn’t necessarily equate to improved health outcomes – as many studies have shown
  • The ongoing struggle of having giant boobs in a culture that pretends to celebrate them but really just sexualizes them
  • The underlying fear of femininity in our culture and how that plays a role in our obsession with our bodies, food and dieting
  • Why women being distracted by these issues is preventing us from using our voices and claiming our power
  • Why eating more helps you psychologically start to heal and alleviate the symptoms driving you crazy
  • The Fuck It Diet process and how she helps women heal through her 4 step system
  • How and why we tend to numb our hunger alongside of our feelings and how we can stop

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