Episode 113: Food Isn’t Medicine with Dr. Joshua Wolrich

joshua wolrich

Why We Love Dr. Wolrich:

Dr. Joshua Wolrich BSc (Hons) MBBS MRCS is an NHS surgical trainee and nutrition MSc student who is not only setting the record straight when it comes to people claiming food is medicine, but aggressively fighting weight stigma and encouraging his patients to have a healthy, happy relationship with their bodies and food. He follows a Health at Every Size® approach and you can find him using social media to campaign for healthcare to become weight-inclusive. His Sunday Times Bestselling debut book, Food Isn’t Medicine, is out now.

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On the Pod, We Discuss:

  • His own history with food and internalized weight stigma, how it was affecting him as a doctor and how he made the shift into weight inclusive care 
  • The turning point for him in changing his perspective 
  • Why “Food Is Medicine” is an incredibly harmful phrase and why we need to stop using it 
  • Why we love soundbites when it comes to health and nutrition so much and how to start to work through all the reductionist bullshit out there 
  • The problem with the authoring of nutrition books by medical doctors and the impact of this on the mainstream population 
  • Why nutrients don’t act like drugs even though it would be nice maybe if they did 
  • Why social determinants of health are the most impactful piece and why they’ve been ignored for so long
  • Busting some food myths like carbs and sugar are bad for you
  • My keto is just Atkin’s inbred cousin
  • And much more

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