Episode 123: Maunie’s Food Freedom Story

In This Episode:

Our wonderful client Maunie joins us to share her food freedom story! We talk about how she was feeling about food and her body before getting support, the mindset and behavior shifts she made during Food Freedom Academy, and life-changing outcomes she saw as a result.

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On the Pod, We Discuss:

  • How Maunie was feeling before starting the program and what led her to make a change
  • The exhausting cycle of dieting to get to a “goal weight” and then rebounding and gaining it back
  • Why a desire to lose weight is not necessarily a barrier to Intuitive Eating
  • How Maunie started to let go of the rules and the obsessive thinking about food
  • Her favorite parts of the Food Freedom Academy and what was most helpful for her
  • How she’s feeling now and what shifted for her around food and her body image
  • What real self-care looks like and how Maunie has shifted into a compassionate relationship with herself 
  • The advice Maunie has for people who are done with dieting and want a change

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