Episode 127: Escaping the Diet-Industrial Complex and Finding Food Freedom with Lu Uhrich (Repost of Episode 26)

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Note: We are on a short summer break and will return on 9/7! This conversation is a repost of episode #26.

Why We Love Lu:

Lu Uhrich is a Certified Eating Psychology Coach, Body Image Mentor and Life Coach. She helps women worldwide to ditch diets, befriend their bodies and move the hell on with their lives. Through her intimate 1:1 mentorship and dynamic coaching programs, Lu guides clients to self-compassion, body acceptance and food and fitness freedom.

When she’s not changing the world one inspired woman at a time, Lu enjoys life as [anything but] usual with her husband and three young kids. She’s an infant foster parent who loves YA fiction reading, Netflix watching, true crime podcast listening, tattoo collecting, nature hiking, cookie baking, puppy kissing and biology studying.

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On the Pod, We Discuss:

  • Lu’s personal journey, and what prompted her to begin controlling her food and her body
  • Why she decided to become a Certified Eating Psychology Coach and then create an adapted, all-inclusive practice
  • The spectrum of disordered eating, and how to recognize problematic behaviors
  • What the restriction and binge cycle looked like for Lu and how it affected her overall health and wellbeing and when she knew she needed help
  • Why we collectively have tunnel vision around dieting and restrictive eating plans
  • How to start shifting your perspective around dieting, and navigate the conversation with friends and family who may not be ready to hear it
  • The main challenges among the women Lu works with and the common underlying theme
  • The effects of the diet-industrial complex and why it’s intentionally designed to keep women small and subdued
  • How to step out of the dieting mentality and why getting clarity around the bigger picture of life is so key to the process
  • The economics and privilege of health, eating and our bodies, and why food freedom isn’t accessible or possible for everyone 

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