Episode 13: What You Need to Know About CBD with Mowellens Founder Amy Duncan

Amy Duncan

Why We Love Amy:

Amy is the founder and CEO of Mowellens, a conscious CBD wellness company. Her passion for plants grew from helping her husband battle a malignant brain tumor in 2012. As his treatments progressed, so did her belief in the healing power of cannabis — both for him, and her. It has helped her be a more engaged caregiver, thoughtful wife, and attuned businesswoman. Mowellens was born from Amy’s experience in biotechnology and healthcare; a lab-tested, high terpene, pure, natural, cannabis product range that provides results you can see and feel. Her journey of finding purpose through illness and growing a business while navigating her difficult personal life is truly remarkable.

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On the Pod, We Discuss:

  • CBD: what it is, the benefits and how it works in our body and its rise in popularity
  • Why Amy got started in the industry and how a scientific, biotech background has played a role in creating her company
  • Why the CBD industry is so murky and can be hard to wade through
  • CBD’s aid in creativity and how it impacts focus and fluidity
  • The challenge of finding her unique brand voice in a crowded industry where new companies are constantly popping up
  • The various chemical structures within the cannabis plant, the difference between hemp and marijuana classification and where CBD comes from
  • What terpenes are and why different types are important to understand in varying CBD products
  • What to look for in a product in terms of quality and effectiveness and what to know about dosing
  • The significance of a nano-blended CBD product and how to use it
  • Federal regulation and the challenges of working in the CBD industry
  • Amy’s personal connection to CBD and how helping her husband battle a malignant brain tumor affected the trajectory of her work
  • An overview of Mowellens products and what to know about each one
  • What’s on Amy’s horizon this year: new products and a new company
  • Amy’s prediction for the future of the CBD industry and products
  • And so much more

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