Episode 14: The Power of Adaptogen Elixirs and Holistic Nutrition with Elizabeth Peterson

By Erika Elizabeth Elixirs

We Love Elizabeth:

Elizabeth is a holistic nutritionist, intuitive eating specialist and practitioner of Vedic meditation, based in Denver, Colorado. With additional certifications in Mindfulness Medicine, Elizabeth’s work is dedicated to spreading what she sees as an evolved approach to wellness. In addition to her holistic background in wellness, Elizabeth is the creator By Erika Elizabeth Adaptogenic Elixirs. Her line of elixir blends was created with the intention to provide nourishment within all spectrums.  

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On the Pod, We Discuss:

  • What makes an adaptogen and adaptogen and why they’re so powerful and set apart from all other herbs
  • The different forms of stress that can cause our bodies to have to adapt
  • Why it’s really about strengthening our systems to fortify them against stress vs. trying to eliminate all stress, which isn’t necessarily realistic
  • Why we used to be able to eat gluten and other foods people are so commonly sensitive to now
  • The different types of common adaptogens and which ones are the best for stress and your nervous system
  • What the effects of adaptogens actually feel like in the moment and over time
  • How adaptogens and meditation are similar in their cumulative effects
  • The symptoms that could be a sign that adaptogens would be helpful for you
  • What running off of stress hormones does to our bodies and how to correct it
  • Her own journey from a high-functioning student to all out adrenal fatigue, anxiety and burnout and how she recalibrated.
  • Her beautiful line of adaptogen elixirs and the benefits of the different blends
  • Her definition of holistic nutrition and what it actually looks like and why it’s so much more than food and working out

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