Episode 15: The Power of Yoga and 1-Degree Mindset Shifts with Marla Cinilia

3 Bridges Yoga

We Love Marla:

Marla Cinilia is an E-RYT 500 vinyasa and kundalini yoga teacher.  She is the co-owner of 3 Bridges Yoga in Portsmouth, NH and York, ME. Her teaching is a dynamic and intuitive reflection of what’s happening in the universe, with specific attention to moon phases, cycles of the seasons and day-to-day astrology.

Marla believes that if we can align ourselves with these macrocosmic rhythms we can walk through life with greater ease and power. A clear channel for divine inspiration to flow through, Marla reads tarot for those seeking a higher frequency existence and solutions-based wisdom for everyday life experiences.

She leads retreats both locally and internationally. Her next destination is Uluwatu, Bali, Dec. 28th-Jan. 5th where all levels of practice are welcome to join and ring in 2020 with joy and intention.

She lives on Kittery Point with her yogi husband, Mike and their shining son, Bodhi. Marla can be found on Instagram @marla__reads.

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On the Pod, We Discuss:

  • How Marla got into yoga and her journey from jumping into teacher training to owning a studio
  • What it’s like to be a yoga teacher and what goes into effectively running a class
  • What you may not know about being a teacher before beginning a training program
  • How her studio has cultivated an environment of accessibility
  • How she stepped into the role of co-owning a studio and what that transition was like
  • The experience of running a small business when you’re constantly interacting with people and how her yoga practice applies
  • Why yoga was originally created and why it’s so much more than a physical workout
  • The of wide range benefits that come from yoga and why it has persisted for thousands of years
  • Why small 1-degree shifts in consciousness can upgrade our lives and how yoga offers the opportunities to make those daily changes
  • The differences between traditional vinyasa yoga and Kundalini yoga
  • How a yoga practice and repeating mantras can help us reconnect to ourselves and tune inward and counter any negative self-talk
  • How to raise our energetic vibration intentionally and why yoga compliments this practice
  • Why yoga studios have been become such a safe haven in our modern culture
  • Why yoga is for everybody, and what to know if you’re just starting out or feel intimidated to attend your first class
  • The power of going on an immersive yoga retreat and what a typical itinerary looks like
  • Educational resources you can access online to learn about yoga, kundalini and leadership (from anywhere, not necessarily in a studio)
  • Marla’s experience with postpartum depression and how her yoga practice has changed since becoming a mother
  • How she has infused her yoga practice and spirituality into her parenting
  • And so much more

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