Episode 152: A Chat with The BodCon Founders, Emily Ward and Jess Hunichen

Why We Love the BodCon:

The BodCon launched in February 2021 as a virtual conference series centered around all things body confidence, body positivity and self love. Their aim is simple: They want people to feel worthy in their bodies.

After witnessing the incredible conversations taking place in the social space around body confidence, Founders of Shine Talent Group, Jess Hunichen and Emily Ward wanted to build a platform that would help amplify these voices and allow this community to share in an experience that would bring people together and help further the impact of this movement.

The BodCon now includes a weekly podcast and mini events throughout the year leading up to our annual conference. Through these initiatives we bring our network together and delve deeper into topics that surround the body confidence journey.

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On the Pod, We Discuss:

  • Why Emily and Jess started the BodCon and how their work in the influencer space impacted its creation
  • The importance of representation in media and events related to body image
  • What to expect from the virtual event, topics that will be covered, and some of the speakers
  • And more

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