Episode 159: It’s Not About the Chips: Why We Channel Tough Emotions Into Body Blame

In This Episode:

We’re discussing a common pattern we see among our coaching clients: beating themselves up over something they ate or how they look, in the midst of tough emotions like overwhelm, burnout, anxiety, etc. We don’t usually realize when we’re doing it but it’s making us feel like shit. And the ability to practice this one tool that we’re going to share can have a major impact on your relationship with food and your body.

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On the Pod, We Discuss:

  • A common scenario many women find themselves in: work all day, get home, shift to mom mode, have zero time to catch their breath and realize they’ve eaten half a bag of chips while trying to get dinner ready, which leads to a mental smackdown over the chips
  • Why the mental smackdown is not at all helpful or effective in processing what’s actually going on and why it keeps you in a painful cycle
  • What to do in this situation and how to interrupt the thought pattern

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