Episode 16: How to Transform Your Mind, Body & Soul with Meg Fox

Meg Fox Fitness

We Love Meg:

Meg is a fitness and mindset transformation coach, who helps women all over the world rock their dream body, mind and soul through her online programs.

From playing every sport under the sun, cheering for the Patriots to dancing professionally all around the world, she knows firsthand how important health, fitness and mindset is for overall happiness. She truly believes our quality of life all starts with optimal health!

Her mission is to help women everywhere know what it feels like to be strong and confident!

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On the Pod, We Discuss:

  • Her unique approach to combining fitness and mindset to provide powerful transformations for her online clients
  • Her background as a dancer and what happened when she pulled up to her audition to be a Patriots cheerleader
  • How she transitioned from dance to fitness and becoming and entrepreneur
  • The difference between the clients who show up and get results and the ones that never follow through
  • Why her programs are about so much more than fitness and nutrition and are truly about a mind body soul transformation
  • Why there’s really no such thing as “slipping up” on the journey
  • The tiny mindset and language shifts that help us stay energized and excited to take care of ourselves better
  • The two types of workouts that she feels are most impactful for us all
  • Why weight training doesn’t work to make you bulky and how that stigma is evaporating
  • Why stress is such a huge component in weight loss and being healthy – but we constantly overlook it 
  • And so much more

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