Episode 162: We Need to Talk About the Cookies

In This Episode:

We’re talking about the cookies. Or the chips or the ice cream or whatever food it is for you. But, what we usually see is sweets. Struggling with them is common on your way to making peace with food. It’s like “I keep eating the cookies, more than I know I should, more than I think is “healthy”, I keep waiting to not want them anymore. It feels like too much. It just feels wrong.” If you’re on this path to intuitive eating and diet recovery, you likely know what we’re talking about and we’re hoping this episode is helpful for you.

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On the Pod, We Discuss:

  • Why you will never be emotionally neutral around a food you think you shouldn’t be eating
  • Mental restriction and why it usually leads to a mix of binging, last supper eating and rebound or rebellious eating
  • Some common misconceptions about intuitive eating’s purpose and why they’re troublesome
  • Anxiety around food as it relates to health and/or weight and how to deal

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