Episode 18: Using Human Design to Thrive in Life and Career with Erin Claire Jones

Erin Claire Jones

Why We Love Erin:

Erin Claire Jones is a leadership coach specializing in Human Design. She has been featured in Forbes, the Times, Nylon, Culture Trip, Well+Good and more.

She helps leaders and teams step into their highest potential by offering them the self-knowledge and tools to perform at the top of their personal and professional games. She has consulted for startups all over the world, built companies supporting executives, partnerships and small teams to operate more harmoniously and effectively, and conducted research on leadership challenges at 90+ early-stage companies.

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On the Pod, We Discuss:

  • What human design is and how to use to thrive in your life and career
  • How she got started in human design, why she loves it so much and why she focuses specifically on leadership
  • How human design gives us a language to understand our own energetics more fully so that we can relate to and work with everyone in our lives more efficiently
  • The key first pieces to look at when reading your own chart – your type, strategy and decision making center
  • Why when you align with your design, you feel so much better in your own skin have more energy, things flow easier, and life just clicks
  • The different ‘types’ in Human Design, what they mean and how to use them to your advantage
  • Why and how human design helps you focus on doing the things that light you up and give you energy
  • How your decision making center can best be used to your advantage
  • The 9 different centers, what they mean for you and how they’re helpfulLe
  • Why cultivating your awareness of yourself and others can alleviate so much frustration and annoyance in life on a really practical level
  • What your ‘Not Self’ is, what that means, and how most people are living from that place
  • Basically how to use your energy in more effective ways so you can stop feeling like shit
  • How to get started learning about your own design
  • And so much more

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