Episode 23: Transformation Through Mindful Travel with Katie Leavitt of The Reset Ritual

Why We Love Katie:

Katie is a writer, traveler and passionate advocate for living a life well explored. Through her brand, The Reset Ritual, she helps curious souls find adventure, rejuvenation and personal growth through enriching escapes at home or away.

Recently, Katie introduced The Reset Ritual’s first product, the Discover Journal, a guided travel journal with prompts to help you cultivate self-discovery and mindfulness while documenting your travel memories in a quick and meaningful way. When she’s not writing, creating or planning her next trip, you can find her retreating with a good book or exploring the world outside her NYC doorstep.

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On the Pod, We Discuss:

  • Katie’s mindful travel brand, The Reset Ritual, and why she created it
  • What led her to view travel with the lens of personal growth and transformation
  • Her journey from cruise ship dancer to Vegas to NYC
  • Travel addiction, and how it can be used as a tool to escape our lives as opposed to a life-enriching experience
  • The intersection of travel, lifestyle and wellness, and how The Reset Ritual is a filling a unique void in a crowded space
  • How to hold on to travel memories and use them as keepsakes, by recalling what you love about a trip
  • How to avoid travel FOMO and make intentional, conscious travel decisions based on your individual needs
  • How to create a DIY retreat at home to replicate the mindful benefits of travel, and the perspective you can gain
  • Katie’s favorite travel destinations around the world (after visiting 60+ countries)
  • How to fully enjoy your travel experience and make the most of your time (hint: it has nothing to do with this destination itself, but rather your mindset)
  • How to bring your mindful travel experience home and into your life
  • And so much more

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