Episode 25: How to Infuse Spirituality Into Everyday Life with Kristina Santiago

Why We Love Kristina:

Kristina Santiago is an energetic amplifier here to help women reveal, and celebrate their Sacred Selves. Through simple ritual, deeper clarity, and a multitude of spiritual tools- she supports women in the discovery of self and purpose. By weaving spirituality and business she leads soul fueled ceos to embodying their calling with greater ease and trust.

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On the Pod, We Discuss:

  • The concept of bringing real intention back into our regular rituals
  • What happens when we get disconnected from our intuition/heart
  • Why we don’t need to dedicate a huge amount of time to a spiritual practice
  • How Kristina helps the women she works with integrate rituals into their daily life
  • Why “busy” is a word we often use to feel important, when really it’s a detraction from our opportunity to fully live our lives with joy
  • Kristina’s career/life trajectory and how she evolved into the life she has now
  • Why we sometimes snuff down a nagging discontent by abusing our bodies in some way – in Kristina’s case with alcohol – and how she moved through it
  • How to enjoy change, and why rituals can help us move through it more gracefully
  • The types of rituals Kristina introduces people to: such as using sage, meditation, moon ceremonies, etc., and how to find what works best for you
  • Why we’re starting to see more interconnection in the world, and what makes a huge difference for our energy levels
  • How to deal if there’s a lot of toxic, negative energy at your company
  • Why we don’t need to take our rituals so seriously or hit rock bottom to have a spiritual practice
  • Crystals: how to use them intentionally and their purpose
  • How Kristina marries spiritually and business in her program, and why connecting the two brings a certain centeredness into our work, especially for entrepreneurs
  • Why everything else falls into place once we work on our own happiness first, despite the opposite formula is typically ingrained in us
  • How complacency shows up in different areas of our lives
  • And much more
  • Whether or not entrepreneurship and the personal growth track is an innate trait or environmental

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