Episode 28: Healing Through Mindset, Lifestyle & Chocolate with Candice Puthawala

Why We Love Candice:

Candice Puthawala is a certified holistic health coach through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, and a plant based chef  through Matthew Kenny culinary. She is also the creator and owner of Beauty Bar Chocolate.

She created Beauty Bar Chocolate after leaving a 19 year career in the fashion industry.  By living life on a fast-forward button she burned out her entire body. By living this way she dealt with autoimmune issues, anxiety and living an uninspired life.  One of the major healers in her life was by removing sugars, adding superfoods, adaptogens and collagen to her diet. 

Beauty Bar Chocolate was born out of a need for something sweet and healthy to eat. It’s a dark chocolate that is sugar free and has adaptogens and pearl collagen added to it. It will help bring you a peaceful and focused mind all while giving you glowing skin.

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On the Pod, We Discuss:

  • Candice’s story and how she eventually got into the world of health and the chocolate business after a career in fashion
  • The ingredients in Beauty Bar Chocolate and how they’re different than other products
  • Lifestyle changes: why our definition of success evolves and the concept of aligning our life with how we want to feel
  • How our body sometimes manifests health challenges to bring us back to ourselves when we forget that life is meant to be enjoyed
  • What healing from an autoimmune disease looked like for her and the mindset shifts it required
  • Returning to our natural hair color and other physical changes as acts of self-love and confidence
  • The power of therapy and other tools for managing our inner self critics, cognitive distortions and emotional challenges that can affect our physical states
  • The pros and cons of delegating out things you don’t do well or hate doing in business
  • The importance of staying grounded and prioritizing health as an entrepreneur
  • Why Candice chose to use the specific ingredients in her products and the health benefits of each
  • Issues in the unregulated chocolate industry, and what to look for when buying products
  • The main components that have helped Candice stand out in a crowded industry
  • What’s exciting for her right now and what’s on the horizon for Beauty Bar Chocolate
  • And more

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