Episode 29: How to Access and Embrace Your Intuition with Susan Gorman

Why We Love Susan:

For over 30 years, people from all over the world have experienced Susan’s gifts first-hand both in private sessions and in workshops. Susan is not only an intuitive, she’s also a writer and a mom. She writes extensively on what it’s really like to do the work she does, in addition to sharing the inside scoop on her very full human life. Word on the street is that she’s also a pretty decent wannabe comedienne, which comes in handy raising her sons who are way smarter and way funnier than she is.

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On the Pod, We Discuss:

  • What an Intuitive is and how Susan works with people
  • How Susan came to understand she was intuitive and had the ability to read others
  • The difference between Susan’s experience as an Intuitive and everyone else’s experience of the world
  • The difference between clairvoyance, empathy, and mediumship 
  • Why self-care is important for her, and how she goes “off the clock” to turn off the downloads
  • Why being an Intuitive, in terms of a career, can be marginalized or seen as entertainment and why it’s problematic
  • The common reasons people go to work with Susan and what they’re looking for
  • What a session with Susan looks like and what people can expect
  • What specifically she sees an Intuitive (it’s not everything) and the various degrees to which things are clear
  • Why the coaching she gives may be different for people at different ages
  • Why slowing down and living intuitively can be more effective than being busy and going at full speed & power
  • Susan’s definition of intuition 
  • Why intuition may be marginalized as a result of being associated with the divine feminine, despite it being a gender-neutral ability
  • Why parenting is the best hands-on training for developing and trusting intuition
  • How we can encourage a more intuitive experience for children, rather than excluding it over other types of knowledge
  • The type of meditation Susan uses in her own life and developed for her clients to foster an intuitive experience
  • The tools we can use to embrace our own intuition in our lives
  • Why we don’t always get clarification around the reason we get a specific intuitive feeling (for example, why we should or shouldn’t go on a trip or rent an apartment or go on a second date)
  • How to differentiate between anxiety/paranoia/fear and an intuitive hit
  • Spiritual creativity: the difference between willfully manifesting something and allowing intuition to flow and how they’re related
  • The first steps to take to get in tune with your intuition
  • And so much more

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