Episode 3: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy with Dr. Elizabeth Palumbo

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy with Dr. Elizabeth Palumbo

Why We Love Dr. Lizzy:

For starters, she’s Dana’s bestie from high school who turned into her sister-in-law (married Dana’s brother, Mike). But for our Wellness Lately purposes, we wanted to interview her because she’s a super smart cognitive behavioral therapist.

After graduating from UMASS, Amherst with a BA in Psychology, she went on to earn her Master’s in Forensic Psych from John Jay College of Criminal Justice in New York City followed by her both her MS and PsyD in Clinical Psychology from Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine.

Basically, Dr. Lizzy is in expert in how our brains work, why we do what we do, and how to harness the power of our mindset to make positive changes in our life, stop feeling stuck and become way more effective at achieving our goals. Oh, and how to feel way better in our own skin now (and in the future, with practice).

One of our favorite convos yet.

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On the Pod, We Discuss:

  • What cognitive behavioral therapy actually is and who it can be helpful for.
  • The physiological responses we have to our own thoughts aka the very real mind-body connection we’re all experiencing.
  • Why everyone on Earth has what cognitive behavioral therapists call “distorted thoughts” and how they affect us.
  • How to uncover and shift our distorted thoughts to overcome challenges and get out of our own way.
  • What ‘automatic thoughts’ are and how they can be problematic.
  • How we can harness the power of our confirmation bias to stop ourselves from binging on the Dove Darks.
  • How we all ‘mind read’ and ‘fortune tell’ and why we need to stop.
  • How and why you might want to become your own defense attorney.
  • Why our entire life experience is basically all in our heads.
  • And so much more.
  • Note: We did say penis a few times.

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