Episode 31: On Being Your Own Advocate and What the Wellness Industry is Getting Wrong with Chelsea Williams

Why We Love Chelsea:

Chelsea Williams is a nationally recognized health communication strategist and wellness media correspondent that is highly skilled at developing compelling digital communications that drive positive behavior change.

After being diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder and finding success in managing her condition through a plant-based, non-toxic lifestyle, Chelsea started her platform in an effort to help teach others how they can live a healthier lifestyle, as well as become more knowledgeable, health-conscious consumers. Her content ranges from quick health tips to eco and green beauty reviews, to plant-based recipes.

Chelsea has been identified as an authoritative, yet relatable source in the holistic wellness space. Her work has been featured on various media outlets such as TV One, Fox 45 News, ABC 7 News – WJLA, News Channel 8, ESSENCE, PR Newswire, and Beauty Independent.

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On the Pod, We Discuss:

  • How her own health struggle launched her interest in becoming a resource for others online
  • Her battle with Grave’s disease, hypothyroidism and what a “thyroid storm” is 
  • The difficulty of finding her own way on the holistic health path without much support, resources and representation
  • The specific steps she took and is still taking to manage her ongoing health issues 
  • How the natural hair movement online was a portal to a more holistically healthy lifestyle for her 
  • Why she got a masters in nutrition to shut everybody up and decided to follow her gut and be the top advocate for her own health
  • The importance of questioning what’s in our products and our food 
  • How the Wellness Industry has become more about being chic or aesthetically pleasing instead of what true wellness is really to be about 
  • Why so much of what’s in the wellness world these days is actually perpetuating more pressure on women to be perfect 
  • How to not let the wellness industry overwhelm you and make you feel worse about yourself 
  • The importance of representation in the wellness industry and how progress hasn’t made it nearly far enough yet in terms of diversity 
  • The importance of voting with our dollars to make sure we’re investing in companies who walk their talk in terms of diversity including having diversity in the company and its leadership itself
  • Why she likes to stay away from ‘isms’ and the importance of listening to your own body versus trying to follow someone else’s rules 
  • And much more

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