Episode 32: Natural Skin Care 101 & How to Be a Conscious Consumer with Shiri Sarfati

Why We Love Shiri:

Shiri Sarfati is a beauty and wellness expert as well as licensed esthetician. She is the founder of 23 SKIN, a DIY skin care range focused on spa quality self-care experiences and is an executive at her family-owned professional skincare company, Repechage.

She has been featured in The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Beauty Independent and on CNN, CBS and FOX and is a writer for Observer.com and ThriveGlobal.com. She is also the founder of BeautySomething.com, a site focused on educational and inspiring beauty advice and tutorials. 

She is a passionate and knowledgeable presenter and has been an invited speaker at esthetics conferences around the world. 

Shiri earned a Masters degree in Cosmetic and Fragrance Marketing and Management from The Fashion Institute of Technology. A native New Yorker, she now lives in Miami with her husband and two children. Follow her on Instagram @ShiriSarfati

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On the Pod, We Discuss:

  • How Shiri started her company out of a need for practical, spa-worthy self-care practices that can be done at home
  • Our personal experience using 23 SKIN products
  • How working in her family-run natural skincare business affected her own career trajectory
  • “Fairy dusting” in beauty industry marketing and what to know about safe ingredients
  • How to become a more conscious consumer and what to know about safe ingredients
  • Why we won’t be getting vampire facials anytime soon
  • How social media adds societal pressure to comply to specific beauty standards
  • How we can accept our skin and feel confident despite issues that affect our life experience
  • Why stress is a trigger for health issues and how skin care rituals can be stress-relieving
  • How to use 23 SKIN products for your own DIY spa treatments
  • How self-care can help us reconnect with our own bodies and connect with other people in meaningful ways
  • Shiri’s product sourcing process, and why she specifically uses seaweed and matcha clay powder
  • How Shiri came landed on the name 23 SKIN
  • The concept of “skin types” and what factors might actually matter more for healthy skin
  • The roller coaster of skincare and how some types of treatment can end up making skin issues worse
  • Exfoliation 101 and the nitty gritty of protecting and replenishing the barrier of the skin
  • Why Shiri never recommends cleansing wipes as replacements for regular cleansing
  • Plastic surgery and preventative botox: what the current research is saying and what it means in the larger cultural context around beauty and aging
  • How to vote with our dollars and support skincare companies that are working to make the industry safer
  • What’s on the horizon for Shiri and her company
  • And so much more

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  • Shiri says:

    Thank you so much for sharing my story and for this incredibly energizing convo. Love you both so much and look forward to answering any questions your listeners may have! xo Shiri

  • Maunie Royce says:

    I enjoyed listening to this podcast and am ordering both products today! I’m also looking for other natural skin care products, like face wash and lotion to add to my skin care routine. On the podcast, Shiri mentions that her family owns and operates a skin care line. Would you be able to share that company with me?

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