Episode 34: Heal Your Past and Create an Authentic New Future with Elena Joy Thurston

Why We Love Elena:

Elena Joy Thurston is an inspirational speaker, a transformational retreat leader, and a writer. She grew up in a turbulent and abusive home, joined the Mormon church as a teenager, put herself through college, married and birthed 4 beautiful children, and then fell in love with a woman.

Life 2.0 brought a divorce, leaving the Mormon church, a beautiful love story and a new career!

Her mission is to empower women to free their own lives and discover parts of themselves they never knew existed. She helps women to find their own strategies to heal their past, fully live their present and command their future.

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On the Pod, We Discuss:

  • How discovering the power in her silence as a young girl in an abusive home affected her later in life
  • How the subconscious beliefs we learn in childhood can show up later in life
  • The pivotal moment that led Elena to join the Mormon Church and how her journey unfolded from there
  • How wanting to escape her thoughts and life led to an exercise addiction and other challenges
  • Her experience as a gay woman in a marriage with a man and a member of the Morman Church, and what leaving both felt like emotionally
  • Defining worthiness, and how Elena came to question her own worthiness as a result of cultural constructs of control
  • How she began healing her past, moved through such a challenging period in her life and the mindset shifts it required
  • Questioning certain stories and narratives as we go through life, and why we need to edit the voices around us
  • The affirming power of connecting to our intuition
  • How she handled coming out to her children and the emotions that came up while navigating the unknown
  • Making choices out of our own free will, and not because of powers in place or because we’re supposed to
  • The work Elena is doing now, and how she helps women heal their past, move through shifts in their own lives and create new stories
  • How she defines mindfulness, what it actually looks like in daily life, and the tools she recommends
  • And so much more

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