Episode 35: How to Create Healthy Relationships with Hannah Eaton

Why We Love Hannah:

Hannah Eaton is the founder of Sequoia Immersions LLC, a Marriage and Family Therapist, speaker, writer, and wilderness guide. She integrates years of experience providing therapy, leading wilderness trips, and designing/ facilitating therapeutic experiences for groups that weave together research-based principles, creative expression, mind-body connection, and the natural environment. She currently resides in Seattle with her husband, and enjoys trail running, surfing, hiking, bike touring, dancing, design, sewing and gardening. 

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On the Pod, We Discuss:

  • The intersection of health, relationships and the natural world 
  • How shifting her perception of her multi-passionate personality from problematic to a strength helped her to create her unique business 
  • Why she chose marriage and family therapy as her professional tract 
  • What proactive couples therapy is and why it’s so important yet underutilized 
  • The statistics on how long couples typically wait to seek help after the first signs of strong relationship distress – which is shocking 
  • How much our relationships affect all aspects of our health – not just emotional and mental but physical 
  • The two main approaches to marriage and family therapy and what the work actually looks like 
  • Why family mapping is so crucial to gain insights into who they currently are in their lives and relationships and what patterns they may be repeating that aren’t serving them 
  • Patterns she sees in family mapping exercises 
  • How past relationships affect our current relationship and how to navigate 
  • Why individual insight into personal demons is so important for a healthy relationship 
  • How far into a relationship it might make sense to start proactive therapy 
  • Her work with single people hoping to be in a relationship in the future 
  • Why listening and seeking first to understand is so crucial for healthy relationships of all kinds, not just romantic 
  • The real tools that are helpful for improving relationships
  • How to get the most out of couples therapy in your own life 
  • The power of her wilderness couple’s retreats
  • And so much more

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