Episode 36: Healing the Trauma of Dieting with a Health at Every Size Approach with Molly Bahr

Why We Love Molly:

Molly Bahr is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and owner of Molly Bahr Counseling, LLC in Miami, Florida. Her private practice primarily focuses on individual therapy for eating disorders, disordered eating, anxiety, depression, and stress working from a Health At Every Size lens.

Molly has worked in a variety of treatment settings including inpatient and outpatient programs for eating disorders, substance abuse disorders, and a transgender clinic. She’s been able to practice with diverse populations in Denver, New Orleans, Honolulu, and was recently stationed in Haiti for the last year. She promotes body liberation and information on making peace with food and your body. 

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On the Pod, We Discuss:

  • Her experience in overcoming PTSD through therapy that lead her to her work in the counseling industry 
  • How she only learned how problematic her disordered eating was when she began her work in treating those with eating disorders
  • EMDR treatments, what they are, how they work and how she uses them with clients 
  • Why targeting our core beliefs is so important to deactivate our triggers 
  • The importance of understanding trauma 
  • Why early childhood trauma really does stay with us and why we need to float back to bring it up and release it
  • Why the diet culture we live in is inherently traumatic to all of us 
  • The common underlying themes she sees in her clients across the spectrum of disordered eating 
  • Why so many people don’t realize that their anxiety issues might be caused by dieting itself
  • Why Wellness Culture makes it all so tricky especially without the science to back up a lot of its claims
  • Practical tips on improving body image and escaping diet culture 
  • The 5 Principles of Health at Every Size and why they’re so important to rejecting diet culture 
  • Why weight is not a great health 
  • The social determinants of health that are so overlooked in our modern diet culture
  • How feelings of helplessness turn us away from the important discussions that need to happen around oppression and its impact on societal health 
  • And so much more

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