Episode 38: How Learning to Cook Can Bring Joy, Intuition and Connection Back into Food with Krista Ettles

Why We Love Krista:

Krista is a chef, cooking instructor, food writer, owner and creator at nourishedandwhole.com. Her mission is to teach and inspire women to cook better at home, and to change the way we look at cooking and food. Krista’s vision is to create a more conscious and connected world starting at our kitchen tables. She’s passionate about food and believes it has way more power than we think.

Krista teaches that when you can cook well, you’re more empowered to create a healthy, joyful relationship with food.

Krista lives in beautiful Vancouver, Canada and loves food (obviously), fitness, photography, travel and all things outdoors.

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On the Pod, We Discuss:

  • How she had her own “stuff” around food for a long time but found food and cooking as a tool to heal from her disordered eating/dieters mindset 
  • Why she moved on from personal cheffing to empowering people to cook for themselves 
  • The food and body image issues on each extreme that she dealt with before her healing journey through cooking began
  • How cooking itself can be a healing modality to reunite with food in a healthy, satisfying way
  • Why going inward and reconnecting to her body’s cues and her emotions around food, was the powerful approach that made all the difference for her 
  • How cooking is a form of therapy and a moving meditation that encompasses all of your senses and brings you into the present moment 
  • Why the wellness industry is at fault in some ways for our food and body image issues and our confusion and overwhelm around food
  • The broad, basic pillars of making food taste good, like seasoning and using different spices to your own tastes 
  • How to find the things that make your life easier in the kitchen
  • And so much more

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