Episode 40: Overcoming Shame, Embracing Vulnerability and Surviving Cancer with Jaime Robbins

Why We Love Jaime:

Jaime Robbins is a writer, speaker, yoga teacher, and cancer survivor.

In 2015, she was diagnosed with cancer just three days after giving birth to her son. Originally started to chronicle her cancer journey, her blog, jaimethinksaydo.com has become a compilation of her ongoing vulnerable life experiences that exposes her raw humanness and showcases perseverance and self-discovery. Her stories are unedited and genuine, and give her readers a front-row seat to her fears, joys, anxiety, and triumphs.

As a leader and speaker, Jaime uses the same candid approach as she does with her writing to guide others to uncover their own truths and perspectives. Because of her near-death experience, she inspires participants to show up for their lives. 

Jaime gives private and public talks, leads journaling workshops and weekend retreats, teaches yoga in Massachusetts, has been published in Mantra Magazine, and is an ongoing contributor for HuffPost. She’s currently writing her memoir. 

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On the Pod, We Discuss:

  • Her startling diagnosis at the age of 36, having delivered her firstborn just 3 days earlier 
  • How her blog turned into a practice in vulnerability that drew more and more followers and essentially connecting with people offline through workshops and retreats 
  • Her quest to find freedom and happiness in life 
  • Her recent aha moment around food and body image and feeling at home in her own skin 
  • How she combats fear on a daily basis to not let it rule her life
  • How parenthood has brought on a new level of anxiety and how deals with it 
  • Enneagram numbers and how they apply to our lives for better or worse 
  • How one quote on the wall in the bathroom of a yoga studio changed her life 
  • The surprising, huge thing that was actually holding her back from full freedom in her life and writing 
  • How her fear of gaining weight showed up even in her battle against cancer 
  • That feeling of emptiness that those of us who’ve battled poor body image and food issues can relate to 
  • How to protect ourselves from diet culture especially in vulnerable seasons like postpartum
  • How to kill shame by sharing our stories in safe spaces 
  • How journaling can bring us back to ourselves and help us remember who we are and who we want to be
  • And so much more

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