Episode 42: Closing The Gender Equality Gap with Female Empowerment Expert Leanne Shear

Why We Love Leanne:

Leanne Shear is a speaker, writer, consultant and female empowerment expert. It’s fitting, then, that the motto for her first company was “Strong Women Uplift Each Other.” That venture was Uplift,  a progressive fitness studio and female society that empowered women in all aspects of their lives. Leanne closed Uplift’s doors in 2019 to focus on the bigger picture of female empowerment education. 

Before conceiving the idea for Uplift, Leanne was a professional writer who’s writing has been featured in The Nation, The New York Times, New York magazine, and Glamour, among others. 

Leanne graduated with honors from the University of Pennsylvania and received a Master’s degree in Women’s Studies and Cultural Politics from New York University.

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On the Pod, We Discuss:

  • The process Leanne went through closing her previous company, Uplift Studios and the major takeaways she learned
  • How she knew it was time to close up shop and what led her to make the decision (and the wild manifestation that happened next)
  • The power of reframing rough situations as learning experiences and opportunities
  • Leanne’s current focus and the work she is doing around female empowerment
  • Why female empowerment is so critical and why it’s so needed right now
  • The myth that women are always out to tear each other down and why strength in numbers is important for amplifying this message
  • Personal stories about money and the process of busting through old beliefs
  • Sharing our stories with a purpose and intention, as it relates to vulnerability
  • Leanne’s 9 pillars of female empowerment: the internal work, the external work and altruism
  • How to develop a growth mindset and how it builds self-awareness
  • The link between vulnerability and confidence and why feedback matters
  • The negativity bias and why we’re all primed to focus on negative thoughts (plus Leanne’s trick for replacing it with a positive thought)
  • Affirmations & visualization: why the can be game-changers
  • What to look for in a community that can help empower you
  • And so much more

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