Episode 44: The Link Between Disordered Eating and Autoimmunity with Functional Nutritionist Erin Holt

Why We Love Erin:

Erin Holt is a board-certified integrative and functional nutritionist helping people re-energize and find real health without restriction. After suffering health issues (chronic digestive problems, eating disorders, anxiety, autoimmune disease) for most of her life without any conventional answers, Erin turned to alternative medicine and functional nutrition for her recovery. 

Erin couples deep science research & functional testing with holistic healing modalities when working with women to get to the root cause of their health issues. She works with women all over the world through private consultations and online nutrition programs. Her nutrition practice honors the indissoluble link between mind and body.

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On the Pod, We Discuss:

  • Functional medicine: what it is, why it’s helpful and the main challenges Erin sees among clients
  • Erin’s story and her personal connection to this work
  • The difference between functional lab work and data and standard testing
  • The direct link between restriction & disordered eating and autoimmunity
  • Erin’s process of working with people
  • Gut health as it relates to short term healing protocols
  • Pop culture nutrition and why it can be harmful for our health
  • What to look for in a practitioner when choosing to seek health support
  • How to eat in a sustainable way that addresses health challenges and autoimmune issues while avoiding triggers and bringing back disordered eating patterns
  • How lifestyle factors like sleep, mindfulness and nature exposure affect our health and hormones
  • And so much more

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