Episode 45: Creating a New Narrative to Empower Mothers with Beth Berry

Why We Love Beth:

Beth Berry is a writer, whole life coach, mother of four daughters, and lover of the sacred feminine. A revolutionary at heart, she supports and encourages women toward the realization of their fullest potential and the reclamation of motherhood from disempowering personal and cultural stories. She believes that awakened women who know themselves to be lovable, worthy, and beautiful, are powerful beyond measure and essential to the healing of the world. Follow her journey (within) at RevolutionFromHome.com. 

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On the Pod, We Discuss:

  • Why Beth moved her family from Texas to a much slower pace in Mexico and how it impacted her life
  • The impact on our nervous systems and the symptoms that can arise when we’re moving too fast
  • The self-sacrificing narrative about what it means to be “a good mother” and how it’s perpetuated
  • How the cultural system in place is failing to support mothers, and the impact that has
  • How the idea of modern achievement has affected parenting, just like every other area of our life, and why the accomplishment values are in contrast to motherhood
  • How fear and a lack of trust affects motherhood and our sense of belonging
  • The perpetuated myth of “bouncing back” after becoming a mother: why it’s problematic and what we could do instead
  • Weighing the choice to become a mother and factors to consider
  • Things mothers can do to meet their needs and why it’s so important
  • How to do the holidays without it being taken over by consumerism
  • Comparative suffering and why it’s not actually helpful or effective in shifting our culture
  • And so much more

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