Episode 49: Creating an Equitable, Inclusive Wellness Industry with Nicole Cardoza

Why We Love Nicole:

Nicole is the founder and Executive Director of Yoga Foster, a national nonprofit that empowers educators with yoga and mindfulness resources for the classroom. She’s also the founder of Reclamation Ventures, a fund that invests in high-potential, underestimated entrepreneurs making wellness more accessible in their communities.

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On the Pod, We Discuss:

  • How Nicole got started and what she recognized in her own wellness practices that led to starting Yoga Foster   
  • Yoga Foster’s mission and the impact of bringing yoga and mindfulness to children and teachers in schools
  • Why the wellness industry is inherently inequitable (and indicative of most industries in America), and why this work comes at a critical crossroads
  • Why the focus on representation in leadership is so important in seeing real change
  • Starting Reclamation Ventures: why it’s so critical and what Nicole is excited about in terms of the underestimated entrepreneurs who are changing the industry in huge ways
  • Some of the things Nicole looks for in an entrepreneur to invest in with RV
  • RV’s 2020 Impact Report, which highlights some of the work that is driving a more accessible wellness industry
  • The difference between typical superficial trends in wellness and the trends that will actually help this important work be seen and carried forward
  • A look at each of the focuses highlighted in the impact report, and people and organizations that are tackling the issues and leading conversations
  • Self-care vs. collective care and how this work contributes to Nicole’s soul care
  • And so much more

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