Episode 5: How to Rewrite Your Wealth Story with Liza Witonis

Why We Love Liza

Liza has been there, she was living a life where she didn’t know where her money was going. The end of the month would come, and she wouldn’t have enough money to buy groceries or pay her monthly bills…and she knew something had to change.

Wealth is so much more than what you think it is. It is the thread that connects your body, heart, soul and emotion together.

Liza teaches how to live a fulfilling life by healing your relationship with money, creating a money plan that allows you to save, build personal wealth, and pay off debt. She’ll dive deep into your financial hopes and dreams and create real wealth-building strategies to get you where you want to be.

Being on her own financial journey for the last five and a half years, Liza has increased her quality of life by having the best relationship she ever has with money (including conversations with her husband), and paying off over $240,000 in debt. She now teaches others how to do the same.  

She works with clients 1:1 via online and in person coaching sessions and through running online courses.

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On the Pod, We Discuss:

  • Liza’s personal definition of wealth (it’s more than investments and 401k plans)
  • How she and her husband paid off over $250,000 in debt and the first steps they took in the process
  • How to broach the subject of money with your partner
  • Where our money stories and beliefs come from and how to navigate them
  • The habits and behaviors that are often underneath our challenges with money (hint: it’s usually it’s not the actual money)
  • The common troublesome patterns and beliefs around money that Liza sees among her clients
  • Making the energetic shift from cutting out costs to empowering yourself with aligned purchases
  • How to align our habits around money with our subconscious beliefs
  • How our language can affect our experience with money
  • How to face your finances and tackle the fear of getting started
  • Liza’s definition of budgeting and how to do it in a non-restrictive way that creates more freedom
  • Her system for saving, paying off debt and how to allocate funds
  • Her opinion on renting vs. buying a home
  • How she instills a positive, empowering mindset around money in her child
  • The approach for eliminating debt she recommends and why

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