Episode 56: Inclusivity, Accessibility and Community in Fitness with Jabbie Creators, Joy Cox and Bunmi Alo

Why We Love Joy and Bunmi:

Founded by Joy Cox and Bunmi Alo in 2016, the concept of Jabbie was sparked through serendipity as the two committed themselves to simple workout routines and accountability. Bunmi had a preference for the gym, while Joy preferred to be active at home, making working out together a challenge. After each session, Joy and Bunmi would message one another and subsequently receive encouragement for completion. 

Realizing the impact of these small gestures, both Joy and Bunmi noticed these practices could be beneficial to other people and communities. Joy utilized her skillset from obtaining a Ph.D. in Communication along with seven years of inclusivity training to create content for the app that focused on bodies of varying access needs, ableness, size, and other identities typically not included when discussing fitness. Additionally, Bunmi offered wisdom obtained through his background in business administration, entrepreneurship, and Pan-Africanism to emphasize the importance of community building and logistics behind the scenes. With so much exclusivity happening in the world of fitness, a new vision was needed that included the WHOLE picture. With Jabbie, everyone matters. With Jabbie, no one works out alone!

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On the Pod, We Discuss:

  • Joy and Bunmi’s individual backgrounds, and how they came together to work on Jabbie
  • The main goals they have for Jabbie: being able to be fit however you define it, where ever works best for you, with the support of a non judgemental, inclusive community
  • Internal motivators for habit building, and how they show up in the key features of Jabbie
  • The benefit of removing weight loss from exercise goals
  • How Jabbie creates a safe space for all body types, especially for those who have traditionally been excluded 
  • How Joy and Bunmi’s personal experiences guided them to create change through their app in terms of facilitating an inclusive fitness space
  • What is has been like to actually build the app and some of the challenges they’ve experienced along the way
  • And much more

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