Episode 57: The Roots of Systemic Racism in America and How We Can Work Toward Equality for the Long Term with Sada Reed

Why We Love Sada:

Sada Reed is an accomplished Child Development Specialist, Yoga teacher, creative director, and social justice activist. Traveling from the West coast to pursue educational growth, Reed strives to inspire people to connect with others, nature and self, while encouraging diversity and social justice for All.

Through activism Sada aims to share her vision of equality for All, and inspire them to find self love and understanding for others through Yoga and community building. 

Her visionary perspective has earned her opportunities to work on prominent campaigns, speak on podcasts, design product lines, educate, and create a Guide for Panicked Parents During a Pandemic. Reed works daily to create inclusive avenues in the Yoga community, educational systems and public spaces. She is based out of her studio in southern Maine. 

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On the Pod, We Discuss:

  • What’s dangerous about a frenzied, short-term approach to “fixing” systemic racism without addressing the root issues
  • Why most of us never question the existence of the police and how it functions as just one arm of an oppressive culture
  • Why this not a black and white thing, that everyone has work to do
  • The intersection of division, oppression and capitalism, and why change through the larger establishment isn’t necessarily hopeful
  • The actions we need to take on a local level to create real change in our communities
  • Issues in schools and parenting decisions can contribute to complacency in children, lacking confidence in their words and rights
  • Lack of access to things like loans or healthcare for Black folx that are designed to create inequality and can contribute to stress and depression
  • Our responsibility as white people to unlearn racism, work through guilt and shame and use our privilege to uplift minorities
  • Alternative ways to support Black lives, as opposed to some of the larger well-known organizations 
  • The diversity & inclusion training Sada facilitates and what participants experience
  • How tools like yoga, breathwork, meditation and somatics can help kids, teachers and minorities stay grounded and process what’s happening to them in a calm, rational way as opposed to having a fear response
  • Sada’s guide for families to use during the pandemic, filled with activities and entertainment to foster confidence and creativity in kids
  • And much more

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