Episode 58: Healing Internalized Patriarchy through the Moon, Magic and The Sacred Feminine with Sarah Jenks

Why We Love Sarah:

As a mother of three, a woman who has struggled with body image and lack of direction, Sarah knows what it’s like to feel flat, overwhelmed, frumpy and exhausted. 

Through her own transformation and years of study in the Sacred Feminine, emotional eating and life coaching, she’s guided thousands of women for over 10 years through the process of remembering their brilliance and their unique mission in this lifetime.  Sarah is the founder of the online course + community, Whole Woman and the upcoming program, Modern Marriage.  

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On the Pod, We Discuss:

  • The dynamic relationship women have with their bodies and the portal it offers us for healing on a soul level 
  • How we heal our internalized belief systems so that we can have the perfect relationship that WE need with our bodies personally
  • Why looking underneath the hood of what’s going on with you and food is so crucial to healing
  • Seeing dieting as a distraction is a key indicator of something deeper and how that’s actually a deliberate Patriarchal tool to keep women from their power 
  • Why creating space for deep listening through a sacred start is so crucial to opening the lines of communication we really need to be listening to 
  • Why feeling guilty for having a wonderful life and still not being happy is so common for women and why that is
  • Why owning what we want is so important for us and the people around us 
  • Why the Sacred Feminine is such potent medicine, a source of wisdom and why seeing it as a mystery school is an important shift to make
  • Why knowing ourselves is fortification to have the uncomfortable conversations that need to happen in our lives
  • What we’re talking about when we’re talking about Magic 
  • The role of politics, capitalism and quantum physics in modern feminism 
  • If you’re being called to it, how do you actually get weird, feminine and magical
  • Why the moon is a personal development plan in the sky
  • The different cycles of the moon and how they can help us manage our energy and lives 
  • And much more

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