Episode 61: How to Deepen the Connection with Your Intuition with Jen Mons

Why We Love Jen:

Jen Mons is an Energy & Wellness Intuitive, Holistic Health & Life Coach, Licensed Spiritual Healer, Teacher, Trainer, and Mentor. She specializes in attuning energetic alignment to the Embodied Healing Self to access individual Energy Signature potential and Soul Blueprints.   She specializes in reprogramming the ego through divine healing number mapping from the center of Conscious Ascension. Her holistic approach is a blend of building a solid foundation through balanced well being with compassionate emotional empowerment and intuitive spiritual guidance. She is the host of the Podcast “The Embodied Healing Self”, creator of the Embodied Healing & Empowered Living Collective and Retreat. 

She coaches, mentors, and educates healers, coaches, and consciously driven entrepreneurs seeking natural balanced health, more energy, self confidence, and fulfillment in their life by harnessing the energy of healing, self limiting beliefs, body wisdom, and soul wisdom, to step in to our unique soul signature. She is also a teacher of Body Wisdom, Intuitive Development, and Intuitive Life Coach Trainer. Through her own life experience and health crises, she has mastered creating the foundation for a blueprint that is an energetic vibrational match for the highest expression of our soul signature. 

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On the Pod, We Discuss:

  • Jen’s background, and the two-part health crisis that ultimately led her to energy work and intuitive guidance
  • Why food isn’t everything when it comes to our overall well being, and the factors that can play a role in working through health challenges
  • The various reasons for why it’s so hard to listen to our intuitive wisdom sometimes
  • Why acceptance and curiosity can be powerful tools for healing the relationship with our body and ourselves
  • Some of the common beliefs we hold as a result of conditioning that aren’t necessarily serving us, and what Jen often sees in the people coming to work with her
  • Some of the tools we can use to cultivate a deeper relationship with our intuition 
  • What can prevent us from getting support, and what’s at the root of wounds around abundance and receiving
  • Our deeper desire to know who we really are, and how judgement can block this process
  • And much more

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