Episode 66: Shifting from Shame to Body Liberation through Core and Pelvic Floor Function with Larissa Parson

Why We Love Larissa:

Larissa Parson is a movement teacher specializing in core and pelvic floor function. She is a mother of twins and lives in the woods in Hillsborough, NC, on land that has traditionally been home to the Eno, Occaneechi, and Saponi. She helps womxn restore their cores, without the shame, oppression, and misogyny that turns womxn’s bodies into a problem.

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On the Pod, We Discuss:

  • Larissa’s entry into the work she’s doing now and how she landed on core and pelvic floor function
  • How understanding shame around womxn’s bodies was a catalyst for Larissa to dive deeper into body liberation work
  • Some of the primary core and pelvic floor challenges and conditions that can show up and how they affect womxn in various phases of life
  • Larissa’s thoughts around why postpartum body care isn’t a normalized part of American healthcare and culture
  • Shameful messages like “just move more” that can come from the fitness world, and how to shift to taking care of your body based on your circumstances and what your unique body needs
  • The benefit of focusing on your body’s function and being IN your body, to combat oppressive cultural narratives around beauty standards
  • How Larissa works with and connects with people through her movement classes and membership community The Slow Burn
  • Body neutrality and body liberation: getting to a sense of sovereignty, and tangible ways to shift from how we look to how we feel
  • How feeling stronger and taking care of our bodies allows us to explore systemic social justice issues and advocate for other people feeling safe and peaceful in their bodies
  • And much more

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