Episode 67: How She Overcame Binge Eating and Rebuilt Her Body Image to Protect Her Kids with Kimberly Dempsey

Why We Love Kimberly:

As a wife and mother of three, a woman who has struggled with body image and binge and restricting behaviors, Kimberly knows what it’s like to feel stuck in a cycle that didn’t serve her.  Motivated by a desire to teach her children a different way, Kimberly enrolled in Wellness Lately’s Food Freedom Academy. 

Her experience in the program went above and beyond her expectations. Kimberly was able to heal her relationship with food and her body. So inspired by the work being done and excited by the gap in the market, Kimberly joined the Wellness Lately team as Director of Marketing. 

She brings over 15 years of successful experience in sales and marketing to the table and a true passion to help other women end their own struggles around food and body image. 

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On the Pod, We Discuss:

  • How her painful, all-consuming diet history began
  • How being praised for weight loss and discipline became part of her identity 
  • How a friend calling her out on the way she spoke about herself was the turning point for her to reach out for help
  • Why wanting to protect her kids from absorbing the same struggles was her biggest motivator for seeking help 
  • The biggest fears she had in starting the program
  • What she gained when she stopped battling food and her body every day 
  • The biggest turning points for her in learning to listen to her own body again 
  • What ultimately lead to her feeling back in control around food and knowing that she could trust herself again 
  • How body image work played into her transformation and where she is today 
  • How freeing up the time and mind space she’d been spending on dieting allowed her to realize there was an unmet need in her life and what she decided to do about it 
  • Why we’re all so passionate about freeing women from this struggle so as not to pass it down to the next generation.
  • And more

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