Episode 68: Dismantling Weight Stigma and Racism for Real Body Liberation with Dr. Joy Cox, Author of Fat Girls in Black Bodies

Why We Love Joy:

Joy Arlene Renee Cox is a doctor, receiving her PhD from Rutgers University–New Brunswick in 2018, whose work is centered on fatness, identity, and social change

She is the author of Fat Girls in Black Bodies: Creating Communities of Our Own, published through North Atlantic Books, and the host of the pro-fat, pro-Black podcast Fresh Out the Cocoon.

Joy has been featured in articles by the Huffington Post and SELF magazine. Joy has also been on several podcasts, such as Positive Nutrition with Paige Smathers and Food Psych with Christy Harrison. Dr. Cox is simply a conduit through which love, wisdom, and justice flow. Her pride is in her people and her values. Her strength is in her disposition and her intuition. Find her online at DrJoyCox.com.

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On the Pod, We Discuss:

  • The environment Joy grew up in and the foundation that set her up for conflicted feelings about being in her body
  • What led her to write her new book, Fat Girls in Black Bodies
  • How diet culture is repurposed in mainstream Black culture
  • Weight stigma: its enormous toll on people in larger bodies, and why Joy chose to combine lived experience with research and data in her book
  • Various levels of marginalization and why ideologies like fat acceptance can garner so much vitriol
  • How diet culture can show up in religious institutions and the suggestion that thinness equates to holiness
  • What will be more effective in dismantling systems of oppression like racism and fat phobia than temporary representation or lip service
  • How finding a community you feel seen in can be so helpful in any journey to acceptance as Joy did with other fat black women
  • And much more

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