Episode 69: The Intersection of Sexual Identity, Spirituality and Source Energy with Nancy Shadlock

Why We Love Nancy:

Nancy Shadlock is the CEO and founder of Centered life coaching and the host of The Coming Out Chronicles podcast. Nancy is the lead Coming Out Coach, which is kind of ironic, but also perfectly fitting as she lived a frustratingly closeted life for much too long herself.  When Nancy finally discovered that she didn’t have to divorce her spirituality to embrace her sexuality she started creating the life she’s always dreamed of.  She’s now married to an amazing woman named Alaina, they have two sweet babies and a beautiful life together in Calgary, Alberta.

Now Nancy helps others step out of the closet that is no longer serving them, but is keeping them from being all they can be.  She helps them connect to their truest self and supports them in sharing that with their world in a powerful, life-giving way.

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On the Pod, We Discuss:

  • The decision to break off her engagement, and physical sensations that Nancy now realizes were intuitive signs from her body
  • The process of coming out, and what led her to seeing it was possible to separate her sexuality and beliefs around spirituality
  • Navigating expectations from the people in our lives and how they affect us
  • Spirituality and religion: why it’s sometimes necessary for people to disassociate them and yet how they’re related
  • Source energy: what it can mean, what it looks like, and how it exists
  • Being in alignment with our true nature and Nancy’s definition of purpose
  • Human design, gene keys and some of the tools for discovering your purpose and the frequency you want to live in
  • Using our bodies as a compass and tools for tuning into our intuitive wisdom
  • And much more

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