Episode 7: Cycle Syncing and the Power of Balancing Our Hormones with Laura Charelle

Laura Charelle

Why We Love Laura

Laura Charelle is the Founder of Balanced Bombshells, a women’s health organization empowering women to use food, fitness, and their lifestyle to balance their hormones, so they can feel happy, confident, and stress-free. After leaving numerous doctors’ offices in tears and without answers, Laura sought a holistic approach to her health. Sparked by the desire to learn why good or bad things happened in her body, Laura has been studying hormones and how they relate to the female body for over six years.

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On the Pod, We Discuss:

  • Laura’s experience with PMDD symptoms (a more intense version of PMS) and how she turned it around
  • An overview of cycle syncing, the phases our body goes through and how supporting it with this process can help balance your hormones
  • What hormones actually are and the symptoms caused by an unbalance
  • How things like stress levels and sleep deprivation affect our hormones and the consequences for our health
  • Different cycle tracking apps and how to use them
  • How to sync your lifestyle and optimize your energy based on where you are in your cycle
  • How our cycles are related to moon cycles
  • How cycle syncing has dramatically changed Laura’s relationship and how she communicates with her fiance about hormones
  • The major causes for hormone imbalances and what to look for in tests and speaking with your doctor
  • The birth control pill and how to navigate making the decision to take it or come off it
  • How sleep deprivation affects our hormones
  • How Laura’s business came to be and the biggest challenges she has faced in building it

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