Episode 70: Cyclical, Lunar-Aligned Living to Feel Better in Your Body with Em Dewey

Why We Love Em:

Em is the founder and head witch behind Garden of the Moon — an herbal wellness platform offering menstrual cycle support & education for folx looking to create a more positive relationship with their periods. She is a certified holistic health coach, yoga teacher and herbalist; she proudly identifies as a genuine herb nerd and lunar lover. Em currently lives on unceded Pennacook land (known as Kittery, Maine) a stone’s throw from the ocean and loves chatting about all things periods, plants and smashing the patriarchy.

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On the Pod, We Discuss:

  • What led Em to learning more about periods and create a positive experience as opposed to battling it
  • The first steps she took to begin shifting her mindset around her period and how her connection to the moon played a role
  • The benefits of cycle tracking and how it can provide so much awareness being in our bodies and getting to a place of acceptance and appreciation
  • Em’s go-to simple way to get started with cycle tracking
  • Parallels between the four phases of our menstrual cycle, the seasons, and the moon cycles and what to know about each
  • The lack of education and conversations around periods, especially among young people and why it’s disempowering
  • How to think about cycles and what to tap into if you don’t have a period or have an irregular period
  • How orienting your life with your cycles can affect your energy, mindset and even your to-do list
  • The tea ritual that lead to Em creating her kits, what’s included and what they provide for each phase
  • How to utilize cycle syncing for team flow and working with other people
  • And much more

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