Episode 71: The Massive Opportunity Cost of Dieting and the Weight Inclusive Path to Finding Freedom with Gillian McCollum

Why We Love Gillian:

Gillian is an anti-diet food and body freedom coach and body positive yoga teacher whose mission is to help women find lasting peace and freedom with food and their body.

Her unique approach combining both intuitive eating and body acceptance practices, not only support women in their recovery from chronic dieting, food and body preoccupation and body shame but also help empower them to build a life of sovereignty, liberation and joy.

Gillian has helped hundreds of women through her private coaching, group workshops, group coaching programmes and body positive yoga classes.

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On the Pod, We Discuss:

  • Gillian’s struggle with food and body image and how she spent years waiting for the perfect time to start mission ‘fix it’ which lead her to diet for over 15 years 
  • How punitive fitness played a major role in her problematic diet behavior 
  • The massive opportunity cost of being a professional dieter – all the things we lose out on in life while pursuing weight loss with such ferocity 
  • How we can be anti-diet and still be immersed in diet culture or the grey area of wellness that’s still causing a lot of harm 
  • Why separating weight loss and health is so crucial to make peace with food 
  • Why yoga is such a tricky space when we’re talking about diet culture 
  • Social determinants of health and the non-Instagrammable truth about wellness
  • The societal double standard that those in larger bodies face when it comes to the implied morality around pursuing a healthful life 
  • And so much more

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